7 Common Video Editing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

7 Common Video Editing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When you need to make a video for your business or for something going on in your personal life, that video must be edited correctly. The way that the video is edited will affect the reach that the video has and how much attention people give it.

1. Trying to Make Things Too Flashy

When editing, you might be excited about the special effects available. When you add too many effects, though, you make your video look unprofessional and you distract from the message that it is sharing. Keep things simple when editing your video.

2. Making Clips Too Short

When editing, don’t cut off any clip of an individual talking while they are in the middle of a sentence. Don’t make the video stuffed with too many short scenes, either, or people will have a hard time getting into it and really catching the message it is sharing.

3. Not Cutting Out What is Unimportant

When editing a video, you might like all that you have recorded so much that you cannot imagine cutting any of that out. A video that is too long is not going to be beneficial to anyone, though, and you should think about cutting down the footage as much as possible. People are more likely to pay attention to a short video with content that is actually meaningful than one that is long and drawn out.

4. Not Correcting the Lighting or Messing With It Too Much

If the lighting is off with your video, some will ignore the video completely. If you can correct the lighting some, do that, but don’t mess with things too much or ruin the video clips that you are putting together.

5. Making Music Too Loud

You must be careful when adding sound to your video. The music that you are thinking of inserting should be adjusted so that it is at the same volume as the rest of the sound that is part of the video.

6. Not Making Talking Loud Enough

Some clips of individuals talking might be hard to hear if you do not adjust the volume on them. Make sure that the talking is loud enough to be heard and understood, and try watching your whole video at a single volume to make sure that every part of it is working well together.

7. Editing the Video on Your Own Instead of Letting a Professional Do It

If you want your video to turn out well, it is best to leave the editing work to those who have been trained to handle it. A professional editing team will make sure that your video is at its best before you release it, and they will handle things in an efficient manner.

There are ways to edit a video to make it better, but some forms of editing can ruin a video. Be careful what you do if you choose to edit a video on your own, and consider seeking out a professional if the video being put together is important.

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