Here’s Why You Should Use Website Heatmaps

A website heatmap is a 2D data visualization. It uses colors to show matrix values. They basically highlight how users interact with your pages. Web designers have been using heatmaps for a long time now because of several advantages. This includes all businesses, from manufacturer websites to marketing websites. So, here’s why you should use them.

Better Understanding Vital Web Performance Parameters

There are several analytics tools available for marketers. They all have strengths. With heatmaps, you get to see the major issues very fast.

As an example, the click heatmap shows user clicking patterns. The scroll heatmaps will show page visibility and attention heatmaps will show what is engaging for the users. A movement heatmap will track the movement of the mouse and the geo heatmap shows user locations.

On the whole, web diagnostic heatmaps can easily add speed when it comes to solving problems. You can easily notice what cold spots exist and how to improve them.

Learning From The Users When Creating Smart Web Design

You cannot simply create effective, smart designs without information. There is a lot of time invested and a huge part of the process is learning from users. Heatmaps allow you to understand the activity of the audience when responding to the design. Forms and surveys have uses but we have to understand the fact that every individual is naturally biased. The things we say cannot blindly be trusted. But, with the use of heatmaps, we have data that we can use to determine what works best for design.

Heatmaps are often combined with A/B testing for the best possible results.

Offering A Better Experience For Visitors

Web design is basically a communicative act. All website elements relay messages. Businesses have goals with their designs, like selling services or products. For these to be sold, a conversion needs to happen. And the heatmaps will help you what changes could be made so the visitors would have a better browsing experience.

You need to understand the fact that heatmaps can help you to quickly figure out what distracts or irritates users. This is usually presented through friction scores, which automatically track several data points so that you can understand the frustrations of the users.

Complementing Other Tools

The analytical toolkit of any business needs to be large. It cannot use just a single tool. Heatmaps have to be included. They offer answers that are simply not available when you use other tools. Obviously, this does not mean you will get all the answers with the heatmap.

At the end of the day, the best thing a business can do is to use all-in-one analytics toolkits when analyzing its web design. Organize your visitors into segments so that you can see exactly what every group does on your pages. This is important because a returning visitor’s heatmap is completely different than the heatmap of a new visitor. And you will have to work on your pages so that both groups can be satisfied. User experience is always a priority for smart web design.

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