Breaking Wokingham News: Twyford’s Village Fete to Return

The local news and events platform is highlighting Twyford Christmas Street Fayre in August.

Twyford is village in Berkshire, located a short distance from Wokingham. Unrivalled in its peaceful and charming village setting and scenic beauty, Twyford is one of the most popular places in Berkshire County.

Twyford, located between Maidenhead and Reading and close to Wokingham it has a beautiful civil parish that has a vibrant community that participates actively in numerous festivals. One of the most famous among the festivals celebrated here is the Christmas Street Fayre, organized by Twyford Together in Twyford village centre. Every year on the first Friday of December, London Road is cleared, closed to traffic, and dressed up for the fête. All the work in organizing and conducting the fayre is done by the volunteers of Twyford Together. The fete offers an evening of fun and activities for the residents and visitors. This fête is extremely popular among the locals and enjoys the unprecedented support of the local artisans and businessmen.

The Christmas Street Fayre

The Christmas Street Fayre is a vibrant festival with a lot of activities. Both sides of London Road are covered in stalls offering numerous products to people. The fair offers the local artisans and shop owners a chance to sell their delightful products and raise money for charitable causes. Some shops are even kept open late into the night to cater to the night shoppers.

The Christmas Street Fayre captures the true essence of Christmas celebrations in numerous ways. It also presents opportunities for businesses in Wokingham to attract local customers. The residents and visitors are blessed by Father Christmas himself. There are numerous other Christmassy activities, like programs from carol singers and choir singers. The reindeer, musicians, and street performers also add charm to the atmosphere and bring life to the vibrant Christmas season. Numerous bands also play during the fête, making it one of the most vibrant fairs in the area.

In addition to the musical treats, there are other activities like fairground rides and wall climbing that appeal to people with adventurous spirits. Both kids and adults can enjoy the various games and activities organized in conjunction with the fair. A BBQ is organized by the 1st Twyford Scouts. This is one of the most loved attractions at the fair. The local schools also have active participation in the fair, with the students participating as carol singers and choir singers. There are numerous other entertainments, like juggling performances, that appeal to people of all ages.

The food is also a great attraction at the fête. There are numerous stalls offering delectable local treasures. Mulled wine is one of the most sought-after delicacies at the fête.

A grand come-back

The fête had to be cancelled last year due to COVID-19 restrictions. This has put a damper on the spirits of people in Twyford and nearby areas. But since COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed, the Christmas Street Fayre is making a grand come-back this year with much fanfare. The date for the Christmas Street Fayre is set for December 02, 2022, and is expected to bring thousands of people together to celebrate the joys of the festive season.

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