5 Reasons to Have Business Letters Professionally Translated

5 Reasons to Have Business Letters Professionally Translated

Professional translation of letters, contracts, and documents can add an air of professionalism to any business. Some people think that a professional translator is only necessary for international correspondence and that all other communication should be handled in English. However, even for companies with employees who speak the same language (as opposed to those employing multilingual staff), there are many benefits to having everything translated.

If a translation is not available from a qualified translator, then trying to interpret your own handwriting based on an imperfect translation will inevitably lead to mistakes. You can also get sloppy and make mistakes. Even with the best of intentions, when you are required to use the translated version of your documents (such as contracts or letters), you could make errors in phrasing that would be both embarrassing and time-consuming to correct.

Moreover, such errors could adversely affect your business’s reputation and position in the marketplace. These are just a few reasons why having a business letter professionally translated is the best way to go.

1. A Professional Translator is an Expert in His or Her Field

A professional translator has a wide range of experience and a complete understanding of the industry. He or she can also guide you on where to find further information, which industries are likeliest to need you, and assist in deciphering technical and legal jargon.

2. A Professional Translator Will Be More Focused and Efficient Than an Inexperienced One

With a good translation service, you get the translation done in record time and with extremely high quality.

3. A Professional Translator is Better Equipped to Handle Tricky and Specialized Terminology

A professional translator will be able to handle the nuances of language that a regular translation service cannot, such as special terminology, regional dialects, and special forms of address, such as titles or honorifics.

4. A Professional Translator is More Likely to Choose the Right Word in a Sentence

A professional translator will know to use the correct language to convey your message.

For example, a professional translator wouldn’t use the word “can’t” when referring to a client’s capability, while an inexperienced one would.

5. A Professional Translator Won’t Make Basic Grammatical Mistakes That May Mislead Your Client and Put You at Risk of Getting Sued

This is especially true in the case of complex business documents such as contracts, business letters, and invoices. A business letter is one of the simplest forms of communication, but it can be very difficult to convey a particular message in just the right way. Technically speaking, it’s not hard to write a letter, but communicating in a way that’s sure to achieve and convey your message exactly as you intended it, is another matter entirely. It takes years of experience and extensive training to do that well. Because of this, having your business letter professionally translated will give you better results in the long run.

Translating a document is not, of course, difficult to do, but getting everything right can be. For example, if you’re using someone else’s translations and still have questions about what you’re reading, you’ll likely find that they are only able to give you the “buzzword” meaning of the passage or phrase. However, when it comes to legal matters and contracts which have specific nuances and specialized terminology therein, things can get really tricky. For example, if you’re using a translation service to translate contract wording, you may find that it doesn’t translate the word “the” correctly. This can lead to serious confusion and more than likely cause more problems than it solves.

The point is this: translating all your business letters will help ensure that no one in your company ever gets confused over what you’re trying to communicate to them. Plus, they’ll also be able to carry out their tasks much easier and more efficiently.

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