Boraie Project to Revitalize Bayonne’s Peninsula

Wasseem Boraie

Not all developers have the same goals in mind when they establish their development projects. However New Jersey based Boraie Development is about more than just collecting a developer fee. The development firm as of late has made it a mission to use its projects for the greater good. Most recently, Boraie Development set its sights on New Jersey’s Bayonne Military Ocean Terminal for its next development plan. The project, which aims at transforming approximately 12 acres, will take former military land and revitalize it to a next level residential area for the city of Bayonne.

Although this is not the first project in the city’s history set to shift the area from industrial buildings toward residential neighborhoods, this is certainly the biggest. As well as several new buildings and retail spaces, the project will introduce new streets, parking structures, and will create a branded destination for the Bayonne peninsula.

Boraie’s Bayonne Military Ocean Terminal project is set to be unveiled in three phases: Bayonne Bay East, Peninsula, and Southeastern. Overall, the project will include five buildings with 1,250 units total, two parking garages, and 10,000 square feet of retail space. The hope is that providing a place of commerce alongside a residential neighborhood will boost the local economy and provide opportunities to residents of Bayonne and surrounding areas of New Jersey.

Development Details

Any long-time dwellers of the area will tell you that housing is a serious issue. The Bayonne East project aims to address the area’s housing crisis. 

While Boraie’s development company is spearheading the Bayonne project, there are several players in it. NK Architects, based out of Morristown, is heading up Bayonne Bay East to provide residential units. The Goldsborough Drive project starts with 274 residential units in a 10-story building. The northernmost building contains 96 studio units, 313 two-bedroom units, 46 three-bedroom units, and several more one-bedroom units. Just next door will be a four-story parking garage with space for up to 269 cars. At the top of the building, residents can access a rooftop terrace and a pool during the heat of the summer.

All this happens in Phase 1 of the development project, aimed at bringing residents into the area. Phase 2 – Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor — will only expand on this with its Southernmost building. This building will include 150 residential units. On the easternmost side of the building, residents can choose to shop (or have one of the shortest commutes to work). The east side will contain 10,000 square feet of retail space for businesses. 

While fewer buildings are being erected in this Phase, it is easily the most substantial of the 3 phases. It will work around new roadways, creating space for people in the surrounding areas to visit the building – as well as on-street parking for visitors. Additionally, quite a few parts of Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor will include 100 surface-parking spaces available behind the retail buildings.

Phase 3 includes fewer buildings and no new roadways but does include the largest building in the three phases. This part of the project is largely residential, offering 309 residential units. However, it will also include a 4-story parking garage with 232 spaces. This building will also sport a rooftop terrace and a pool for its residents, like the amenities provided by Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor. 

Building For the Greater Good

Details in this project show that Boraie Development’s efforts, led by Waseem Boraie, will do much more  than build run-of-the mill low-rise housing stock.. They even exceed the basic need for providing residential structures. Each building’s access to community amenities, like a pool and rooftop terrace, gives residents the space to meet with and feel comfortable with one another, as well as a structured activity gathering point for kids and young people. The Southeastern project component will include a park that will be open to the public despite being a private piece of property. Additionally, the entire project is located near Bayonne Golf Club, which can be viewed from each of the complex rooftops.

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