What You Need To Know About Divorce With And Without Children

Divorce impacts nearly half of people that get married with 41 percent of couples calling it quits. The chances that you divorce again after your first divorce goes up exponentially. The process of divorce is going to be very different when children are involved. Custody battles can be very ugly and bring out the worst in one another. Children are used as pawns in a game between parents which does nothing but damage the perception of how parents should act. Consider it a blessing to get a divorce when children are not a factor. The following are aspects of divorce that differ whether you have children or not.

A Clean Break Without Kids 

Starting a completely new life is far easier without kids. You can leave the state or country without asking for permission like when you have children. You never have to see your ex again which simply is not possible in the case of a divorce. Remote work has made it easier than ever to move anywhere in the world so it will be easier than ever to reinvent yourself. Living domestically has become so much more expensive that living abroad can allow a remote worker to save far more money monthly. 

Children make a divorce so much more difficult and it starts with the type of divorce attorney you’ll need. Family law attorneys in Pinehurst or Raleigh will have the same job. Child custody and divorce laws differ by state so finding an attorney experienced in your state is imperative. Working on custody agreements with a legal professional can be very important. You might find there are other options than you could have imagined as an experienced attorney will have seen a number of custody agreements. Tension will always be present especially if one party with custody of the children wants to be a stay at home parent. 

Child Support/Alimony

The state you live in matters immensely when it comes to the rights of a person after a divorce. Alimony laws are very different depending on the state and frankly can be predatory for some people that are massively successful. Paying money to your ex for years is something you should thwart with an ironclad prenuptial agreements. Both parties can be protected in these agreements although there is a misconception that the more successful spouse benefits more. 

Child support is something that is always going to cause a massive amount of tension. The allocation of the funds given to an ex is something that is a source of this tension. Challenging the way that the money is spent in court is possible if the basic needs of the children are being neglected despite the financial support being provided. 

Divorce should be so much more amicable when children are involved. Winning a divorce is not possible when children are involved as you should try to minimize the stress on your children. Having children is a lifetime commitment and means you at least have to see your ex until your children are of legal age. 

Issues can arise like that of previous substance abuse during custody disagreements. Keeping things civil is not always possible when one party is not considering their children at all during the divorce.

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