How To Keep Your Tattoos Looking Good As You Get Older

How To Keep Your Tattoos Looking Good As You Get Older

We all love tattoos. Many of us got our first tattoos when we were really young and our love affair with tattoos grows and we collect more and more over the years. However, as we age, how our tattoos appear changes as well. If we gain weight, our tattoos get stretched and start to look thinner. So what can you do to keep your tattoos looking good as you get older?

Have Your Tattoo Retouched

A simple way to keep your tattoos looking good is to get them retouched. Retouching old tattoos is becoming more popular as the first major generation of tattoo wearers ages.

If you still like the original design, this is a great option. Retouching will breathe life into a fading tattoo.

Remove the Tattoo

Let’s face it, some tattoos age badly. You look at it and you realize you don’t like the design or the memories it evokes. That’s okay, you can remove it with laser therapy. Speak to your healthcare provider about laser removal and they should be able to recommend a place where you can get it done. 

Laser removal is safe, although there can be side-effects. You will have to check with your health insurer to see if it is covered under your plan. It’s important to see a professional about laser removal. These professionals know what kinds of lasers should be used, the types of removable inks, and they can administer anesthesia so you aren’t in any discomfort during the procedure.

A bad laser removal procedure can lead to scarring or burns, and even allergic reactions and infections.

Laser removal does take time, and is undergone through various sessions. Your laser removal professional will alert you to the fact that complete removal cannot be guaranteed.

Your skin type will have a big say as to how strong the laser has to be to remove the tattoo.
Your skin type will also influence your chance of developing keloid or hypertrophic scars. Although scarring is rare, and inflammation and pigment changes are usually temporary, you want to be treated by the right people to minimize risks and ensure these side-effects are not permanent.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

Skincare is expected to be a $181 billion industry by 2025. We all want our skin to look great. Another important reason for having great skincare is that it’s good for your tattoos. At the Mystic Owl Tattoo Shop, clients are advised that keeping their skin healthy is important for keeping their tattoos looking great.
Skincare starts with sleep! You need to get enough sleep for your skin to heal and regenerate. Poor sleep can hurt the integrity of your skin, reduce the production of collagen and lead to sagginess.
Although it’s important to stay away from excessive exposure to the sun, having the right nutrition for your skin is even more important. This means having your fill of antioxidant-rich superfoods. This will slow down aging, reduce the impact of exposure to the sun, and reduce inflammation. 

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