What are the techniques for successful commercial prospecting?

In order to face an increasingly tough competition, companies mobilize different strategic and methodological means. One of the essential growth levers in the digital era is commercial prospecting. It consists in finding new customers in order to increase sales tenfold and establish brand awareness. To do this, there are effective techniques that make each commercial prospecting a real success. What are the means to mobilize for a successful commercial prospecting? How to succeed in commercial prospecting every time? Discover the answers to these questions in this article.

Mobilize key technological tools

Currently, technology contributes considerably to the development of companies, regardless of their sector of activity. In the case of sales prospecting, it used to be carried out by salespeople in a direct way. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more digitalized with new media that facilitate its implementation. Here are the key tools for successful sales prospecting:

Generate leads easily with Kaspr

Sales prospecting is first and foremost about gaining new prospects who will then be turned into customers. But before achieving this goal, companies must mobilize different strategic means. Social networks are now one of the key tools for prospecting. Social media platforms are very effective in approaching targets, generating leads and gaining new customers.

Companies that rely on a relevant lead generation strategy are all aware of the power of Kaspr, an extension of the LinkedIn social network that helps companies find contact information of their potential customers more easily. Indeed, if the company has already defined a database of people who might be interested in their product or service, Kaspr will make their job easier. The tool will collect their email address and phone number by simply going to a LinkedIn profile. This information can then be automatically exported to the company’s CRM. Thus, it can follow in real time the maturation of a prospect.

Tracking the stages of prospecting with a CRM

Commercial prospecting is generally done in stages. Different actions are therefore carried out in order to acquire prospects and, secondarily, new customers. To follow closely the strategy implemented by the company, a CRM or Customer relationship management software is needed. As its name indicates, the tool allows to have a good visibility on the relationship with each customer, but also each contact.

Thanks to a powerful and dynamic CRM, a company gains in reactivity. Indeed, all sales and marketing team members are at the same level of information. In addition, the company knows exactly what actions have already been taken on a particular contact or customer. In addition to helping the company to gain new customers, CRM also promotes customer loyalty. A mission that is even more complex given the stakes involved.

Implementing a relevant strategy

To succeed in business development, all companies must develop a personalized and relevant strategy. Here are the elements that make up a good business development strategy:

The target

The marketing actions carried out are above all defined according to the targets. Companies must set up a grid of the customer profiles they wish to reach. They will need to know their :

  • age range ;
  • sector of activity ;
  • gender;
  • consumption needs ;
  • frequency of purchase of a product ;
  • purchasing capacity ;
  • etc.

The target profile will be adjusted throughout the commercial prospecting process. In addition, the company can establish in parallel the sales pitch to attract prospects and gain customers according to its target.

The channel

The choice of the channel is also essential in a commercial prospecting strategy. Some targets are more accessible on social networks for example, and not by e-mail. This way, the company can mobilize other tools such as Kaspr to boost lead generation.

However, the most sophisticated companies diversify their approaches in order to gain the most customers. They therefore develop different techniques depending on the targets and the channels on which to conduct the prospecting.

The message

The success of a commercial prospecting is also based on the content or the message. Companies often miss out on great opportunities because the message is too standard. It is important to know that prospects who receive the right message at the right time have a good chance of becoming real customers.

To define the right message, you have to take into account the time to broadcast it and the target that will receive it. Taking the case of LinkedIn, marketing experts set up a calendar and a schedule to publish a high impact post. They also select mature enough prospects who can receive a personalized message in their email. And don’t forget that with extensions such as Kaspr, social networks accelerate the lead generation phase of business development.

What you need to remember

For sales prospecting to be successful, it must mobilize various technological and technical means. Kaspr is, for example, one of the tools that have become indispensable for a successful lead generation action. It should be integrated into the company’s sales prospecting process in order to facilitate the task of sales representatives. At the same time, a well-structured digital marketing strategy must be put in place. This one aims at defining the targets, choosing the right channel and elaborating an impactful message. By articulating all these components, the company will have great chances to easily win new customers.

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