4 Reasons to Use Professional Movers to Move Large Furniture

4 Reasons to Use Professional Movers to Move Large Furniture

Although the idea that moving is the third-most stressful life event that adults have to deal with is debatable, the myth persists. Maybe because so many people have endured such stressful moves that they’d rather live off the land for a bit than ever move again! One way to reduce the stress is to hire movers. While that may not be in the budget for everyone, choosing to throw some money at the worst parts of moving still helps.

1. Proper Insurance and Equipment

If you’ve done your research and read customer reviews, you should be able to find a properly licensed and bonded/insured moving company. Make sure you also check their BBB status.

A professional moving company will also have proper equipment that ensures the safety of its workers — such as back braces to reduce injury — and also gets your property to your new place in one piece!

2. Prevent Damage

Not only will professional equipment protect workers, but it will also protect your stuff. A proper truck with a ramp, dollies, straps, special lights for wide loads if necessary, and more, helps keep your furniture from getting banged up. If you can, you may want to hire a full-service mover who will wrap and pack belongings as well. And, if there is an incident, a professional service will be bonded, which protects your side of the arrangement. During your research, ask companies what happens if your belongings are damaged, and get their policies in writing.

Of course, if you move your own belongings, broken furniture and gouged walls are on you.

3. Prevent Injury

To paraphrase Sun Tzu, perhaps the BEST way to prevent injuries due to lifting heavy furniture is to NOT lift heavy furniture. Leave this to the professionals and their professional equipment. Bonus: If you have nice friends and family members who are helping you, hiring someone to handle the most dangerous lifting protects them as well.

4. Preserve Your Relationships

Speaking of your loved ones, hiring movers for your weightiest items could work wonders for your relationships! Eventually, pizza and soft drinks (or even beer) just won’t cut it as fair remuneration for a long hard day of moving.

Instead, your siblings and close friends can help with moving preparation, like packing up dishes or driving a few loads of boxes over to the new digs. For the oak dresser, though, give your old elementary school buddy’s back a break.

More to the point, though, your friends aren’t professional movers. They might be impressive amateurs, but no one will have everything that a pro provides: the equipment, the know-how, the obligation to show up… Best of all, you never have to see those moving workers again if you don’t want to. Your cousin Jim, on the other hand, you might bump into sometime. How awkward will it be if you think of your busted bed frame every time you lay eyes on cousin Jim?

Life is less awkward with movers.

Keep your relationships strong. Call a mover for the big stuff.

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