Live Your Best Life: Image Consultant Jen Auh Shares 4 Confidence Boosting Hacks Anyone Can Use

Image Consultant Jen Auh

We all like confident people. We want to be like them and carry ourselves with a noticeable elegant poise that screams ‘rich and fulfilled’ even if it’s not true. 

That’s because confidence is the tool to set yourself apart from others and become successful in what you do. As a professional or businessman, confidence is the key to convincing others to trust in your abilities or products. 

Many people believe that confidence comes from success, wealth, or a ‘you-can-do-It’ attitude. We believe that confidence comes with what you wear and how you visually present yourself. 

Jen Auh, an image consultant who helps men curate styles and build a fashionable visage, believes in the same thing and has decided to share four hacks anyone can use to build confidence with us. 

Let’s get started!

Confidence-Boosting Hacks Anyone Can Use

Prepare your clothes before you wear them.

Some people just randomly throw on whatever is available without running a check-up on them. According to Jen Auh, you shouldn’t do that. 

Take time to determine whether the clothes you want to wear have been ironed or washed properly. Some clothes look tacky when this process is skipped. 

For example, going for an interview or date with wrinkled clothes will not boost your confidence because the other parties may think you don’t take them seriously. Even if you’re wearing expensive and fashionable clothes, improper dry cleaning will make them look tacky.

Wear clothes that are your size

As great as baggy clothes are, wearing something that’s extra-large will have you swimming in your clothes. According to Jen Auh, the key to boosting your confidence is to wear clothes that are just your size. 

Picking the wrong size will not only affect your physically by inhibiting your movements, but it’ll also make you feel insecure.

Buy the clothes you love

Investing money in the clothes you love is not a bad thing. Fashion and spending are interconnected. 

You can’t build a comfortable image for yourself without spending money. However, it would help if you were careful about spending your money. 

Instead of buying clothes simply because they’re trendy, focus on quality and how it will boost your confidence.

Image Consultant Jen Auh with her client

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Dress for the occasion 

It’s an unspoken rule that you can’t wear beach clothes in an office setting or a Met-Gala outfit at a family dinner. They’re both out of context, and instead of feeling confident, you’re likely to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. 

A quick solution to this is to conform to the dress code. If you don’t know how to do that, you can check out the internet for ideas.

Let your outfit show your best qualities.

You should put your best qualities forward when you’re picking a style. For example, the design or pattern of your cloth may accentuate some qualities such as long legs and broad shoulders. 

By wearing them, you’ll look great and boost your confidence. The great thing is, these clothes don’t need to be designers, you can also discover them in thrift shops. In short, you get to save money and still build a great style.

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