3 Tips for Properly Storing Your Cannabis Products

3 Tips for Properly Storing Your Cannabis Products

Properly storing your cannabis products ensures that they stay fresher for longer, making every draw more enjoyable. Here are a few tips for keeping your cannabis products well-preserved.

1. Minimize Light Exposure

There’s no denying that cannabis is sensitive to light, especially when it comes to the buds. Excessive exposure can speed up the degradation process, causing your stash to lose flavor and potency.

Over time, even your stash has the potential to go rancid without proper storage. Properly stored cannabis is less susceptible to mold and bacteria, lasting longer and better tasting.

On top of this, ensuring your stash box maintains a low temperature helps keep bud from drying out and losing its smooth, smokeable consistency as well.

2. Reduce Exposure to Air

The best way to store cannabis is in an air-tight glass container. Storing marijuana in a plastic bag, glass jar with a loose lid, or any non-vacuum sealed glass container will ruin the product quicker because of direct exposure to the air outside the container.

Direct exposure to air is so harmful because oxygen can break down THC molecules and change the composition of your cannabis, thus affecting the flavor and potency.

3. Reduce the Humidity

The humidity in the open air is around 40% – 50%. You can keep your cannabis at 62% – 65%, optimal for long-term storage, by storing your buds in watertight jars.

The most basic, universally true rule of cannabis storage: prevent your cannabis from drying out by keeping it in a controlled environment.

Excessive dryness and heat can degrade THC, diminishing potency and making mold and other harmful microbes easier to take hold.

Fortunately, this is relatively easy to achieve using containers designed to maintain humidity and protect against the light while allowing the release of carbon dioxide and preventing anaerobic conditions that could promote bacterial growth.

Why Correct Cannabis Storage is Important

Even though cannabis is a flowering plant that one might assume can thrive anywhere, the truth is optimal cannabis storage conditions are necessary to maintain freshness.

Cannabis storage is vital to the life of your product. Proper cannabis storage can double the shelf-life of your bud from months to years.

The best cannabis storage would be in its natural environment in an ideal world: a lush and lovely field somewhere tropical. Fortunately for us, there is an easy way to keep cannabis stored in such perfect conditions using proper storage containers.

You don’t need a green thumb or experience growing marijuana to keep your flowers in top condition. All you need is a good guide on the basics of how to store cannabis properly at home.

How Do You Know if Cannabis Has Gone Bad?

When marijuana is stored in the right environment, it will have a good shelf life and remain of decent quality for at least 1 – 2 years when properly cured. If it is stored in ambient conditions that are less than ideal, cannabis will gradually lose its active ingredients over time and become harsh-tasting and weak.

Storing cannabis properly is crucial if you want to have the best possible experience. Whether you’re treating an illness, insomnia, or want to get high, store your cannabis products correctly. It will help make the experience easier and more enjoyable.

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