3 Reasons Law Firms Need Industry-Specific IT Services

Law firms are in a unique position. They’re part law firm, part business office, and part technology company. The law firm’s primary purpose is to provide legal services, but they also require industry-specific information technology services.

Whether it’s for accounting software, document management systems or client portals, law firms need an information technology (IT) department that can provide tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. This ensures law firms are able to run efficiently at maximum output while staying compliant with state law requirements. Here are three reasons law firms need industry-specific IT services:

1. Workflow Automation

Without an efficient workflow process law firms are unable to meet client demands. The law firm’s IT department can determine which software law firms need based on their workflow and then build a program that fits those needs. For example, law firms often require document management solutions that allow them to keep track of documents and cases as they move through the different phases of the legal process.

This starts with law firms having easy access to all pertinent case documents and materials, and ends with law firm partners being able to make strategic decisions regarding hiring, building out workstations or investing in paralegal staff. Without this kind of technology law firms would be left to try and remember where things were filed, leading to missed opportunities such as opportunity to argue for your client during hearings or the ability to make concrete decisions regarding law firm marketing.

2. Electronic Billing and Payment Solutions

Law firms are often faced with the challenge of increasing their client base while staying profitable. By investing in electronic billing law firms can increase profitability by moving work outside of billable hours, reduce overhead costs by eliminating paper bills, and prevent billing errors due to illegible handwriting on paper bills.

Beyond just making sure law firms are maximizing profits law firms need point-of-service solutions that allow them to accept various forms of payment including credit cards, debit cards and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This is especially important for law firms operating overseas where banks may not be as accessible. Furthermore, law firms will be able to conduct transactions faster which means they’ll be able to serve more clients.

3. Customized Security Systems

Law firms often work with high profile clients and need a higher level of security, as well as peace of mind knowing all their information is secure. In order for law firms to run efficiently they need a law firm technology service that can provide tailored solutions based on each law firm’s needs, from Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act compliance research to business data expansion plans.

This ensures law firms are complying with state law requirements and protecting client confidentiality at all times. By working with an IT provider that has knowledge about law practices and deals directly with legal professionals law firms can create tailor made security solutions that suit their needs without having to pay extra costs because the “specialist” gear wasn’t included.

Overall, by investing in a law office technology service that understands the type of work legal professionals do law firms can focus on what really matters: providing quality service to clients. Law firms need an information technology provider that doesn’t just offer “one-size fits all” solutions but one that tailors those solutions to law firms and law offices; this ensures law firms can meet client demands more effectively and efficiently, allowing them to remain compliant with state law requirements and increase profitability.

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