8 Easy Ways to Make a Vacation to Alaska Memorable

8 Easy Ways to Make a Vacation to Alaska Memorable

Is it time for a vacation getaway and you’ve got Alaska on your mind? Well, Alaska is a great state to explore and to make precious memories with loved ones. If you have never been to this great northern state, you may be wondering what there is to do there.

Because the state is the size of California, Texas, and Montana combined, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best things to do on your trip. Below are some of the best options to explore to make the most out of your time in Alaska.

1. Book a Fishing Charter

If you love the outdoors and fishing, booking a fishing charter is a must while visiting Alaska. The state has some of the best saltwater and freshwater fishing you can experience. They also have fly fishing and ice fishing excursions. There are many charters available to plan your trip with. Do some research and find the best company that will suit your fishing needs so you can enjoy a fun and comfortable trip.

2. Ride a Train

A great way to sightsee while in Alaska is by the Alaska Railroad train. The Alaska Railroad is a vintage-looking train that can take you anywhere you need to go. With a variety of routes to choose from, it’s the perfect way to see Alaska while traveling. The train is a great way to get around town in Alaska since it has scenic views that can’t be found on the highway.

3. Take a Bus Tour

If you’re planning on visiting some of the most popular national parks in the area, consider using Park Connection Motor Coaches. These services run during summer only and can accommodate groups of up to eight people. Their scheduling makes it easy for people to plan their train and fishing charter trips around.

4. Find Hidden Gems

Alaska has a lot of hidden gems to discover. If you are into hiking, take a long walk in Seward at the Exit Glacier Hike. It can be a challenging walk for some, but you will get to enjoy an awesome glacier view.

While visiting Denali, a fun and informative shop to visit is the Eielson Visitor Center. There you will find more information about things to do and enjoy while in the area. Oftentimes, the less popular areas off of the beaten path are where your family will find the most memorable experiences.

5. Take an Alaskan Cruise

Alaska has many cruise ships for visitors to choose from. You will have no problem finding one that all of your family members will enjoy. Curious children will enjoy being able to watch whale breaches and glaciers. Adults will enjoy the breathtaking views and the delicious foods. There are various points of interest and activities for all ages to enjoy.

6. Visit Denali National Park

In the northern part of Alaska, Denali National Park is the third-largest national park. Its name, which was changed in 2015, became the official name of Mount McKinley. Aside from the names, the park features numerous natural features such as the tundra, mountains, and river valleys. Buses are permitted to pass through the park road. This area is home to numerous animals, such as grizzly bears, wolves, reindeer, and elk. During their winter seasons, the sled dogs can be found in the park.

7. Visit Tracy Arm Fjord

The Tracy Arm Fjord is a fjord that has sloping glaciers and is known to feature waterfalls. The highlight of this area is the twin Sawyer Glaciers, which are located at the head of the fjord. Sightings of wildlife are common during tours in this area. Other areas that offer visitors a taste of Alaska’s glaciers include Glacier Bay National Park and Prince William Sound. Day trips to these areas are also available.

8. Visit Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve

This preserve is the biggest of the US national parks. It features numerous lakes, mountains, and glaciers. The area is known for its diverse weather conditions and numerous water sports activities. The highlight of this region is the Kennecott Mines National Historic Site.

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