5 Times When You Need to Use Heavy Duty Landscaping Fabric

5 Times When You Need to Use Heavy Duty Landscaping Fabric

Determining the value and usefulness of landscaping fabric can be confusing. You may have heard many landscapers recommend using heavy duty landscaping fabric, but you also may have noticed that they don’t always use it themselves. Landscaping fabric is a great way to help protect your plants from weeds and maintain healthy growth, especially when establishing new plantings. When used properly, it can create a barrier between your plants and weed seeds in the surrounding soil. If you’re wondering when you should and shouldn’t use landscaping fabric, this article will help you learn more.

1. When You’re Trying to Establish New Plantings

If your soil is infested with weeds, it can be too much work to try removing them by hand or hoeing them away before you plant. Instead, lay down landscaping fabric and then place your new, small plants directly onto the fabric. The weeds will be unable to grow through the material and you’ll have a weed-free area for planting.

2. To Keep Grass From Growing Where You Don’t Want It

This not only saves a lot of time and effort by preventing grass from having to be cut or removed but also is much more environmentally friendly than using herbicides to remove the grass. When you do want to remove the grass, simply tear away the fabric and dig up your plants. The root balls of your perennials will be mostly undisturbed and ready for replanting in a new location.

3. Weed Control in Pathways or Driveways

Not only is landscape fabric used for weed control in planting beds, but it can also be laid down over weeds and grass growing in walkways and driveways. The fabric will not decompose or break down due to foot traffic, so it is a long-lasting way of preventing weeds from popping up where you don’t want them.

4. To Prevent Grass or Weeds from Growing in an Area Beside a Building

If you have a white vinyl fence and don’t want the grass to grow up against it, using landscaping fabric will block the sun and prevent the grass from growing.

5. To Line Planter Boxes without Having to Dig Them Out Every Year for Replanting

Landscaping fabric can be used to line the inside of an existing planter box. It will prevent weeds from sprouting in your containers, while also letting water drain through it into each pot.

Landscaping fabric can be an efficient, effective way of protecting your plants from weeds. Not only that, but it enables you to establish new plantings in areas where competing weeds are present or where digging is not practical. It also helps when you’re trying to prevent grass from growing in walkways and near buildings. Remember that each time you use landscaping fabric, you’re protecting the environment because you’re not using weed-killers to get rid of weeds. By taking the proactive approach by placing heavy duty landscaping fabric down, it will make future landscaping work easier and save time and money.

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