Your Lawn Care Company And How To Expand Efficiently

Expanding any business comes with a number of risks and opportunities. There are some areas that are saturated with service providers while others have little to no demand. Picking the right location to open the business is going to take research. Expanding a company that you have run for years will allow you to rely on the reputation that the business has built. Below are tips to help you expand your lawn care business efficiently. 

Cash Flow For More Equipment

Cash flow is important for any business as it can be put directly into marketing or new equipment. The balance of where the budget is allocated could change over the course of the year. Marketing could be a far larger priority in the spring and summer but might subside in the winter months. New equipment like utility trailers can allow trucks to tow more equipment. Renting equipment could be an option if cash flow is not as healthy as it needs to be. 

Getting Full Neighborhood Contracts

Working for an entire apartment complex can be a huge contract. You want large contracts in a specific area which keeps travel from being an issue. Entire neighborhood contracts could be up for grabs so getting in touch with HOA boards can be essential. There are those clients that will be the only home you service in the neighborhood but hopefully, this will expand. Some people simply go up to a lawn care crew then ask about services as their provider moved or stopped doing their lawn. 

Offer A Wide Variety Of Services

The services that you offer can set a business apart from the competition. Trimming trees is a great example as some states like Florida have a need for palm trees to be trimmed regularly. The more services that can be added on, the more revenue that can be generated by a single customer. The services that are provided should be listed on the website the business has launched. Ranking at the top of search engines in a local area can lead to an explosion of growth for a lawn care business. 

Communicate Well With Clients 

There are going to be days where the weather has delayed or completely canceled work for the day. These days can be immensely useful if a crew is experiencing burnout. Communicating with your clients as to what day you will be coming that week can be valuable. Certain people might have to unlock gates or bring in their pets. A quick text, call, or email can work wonders for those that have a tight schedule. This can even be automated so you don’t spend a large amount of time on these updates for service. 

Expansion of a lawn care company can be done throughout a region. A business that serves multiple counties can be immensely successful for years. There might even be a chance to franchise the lawn care company if it expands enough. Never believe that your business is too small or offers too common of a service to grow to unimaginable heights. 

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