Is Your Business Ready for Managed IT Services?

There are a number of things to consider before going into managed information technology (IT) services. An information technology provider usually takes care of the entire IT infrastructure that your business runs on, from the servers and storage all the way to printers and phones. In order to make sure managed IT services will be right for you, make sure you meet these criteria:

Do You Have Enough Staff?

In most managed services setups, either you or your managed service provider staff is always on call in case there’s an emergency. If you don’t have at least a couple employees with solid high-level tech skills who can work during emergencies when needed, managed services might not be a good fit.

Is It Scalable?

One of the biggest advantages of managed information technology services is the ability to expand the infrastructure as you need without having to pay for it. Make sure managed services can meet your business needs now and into the future before making a commitment.

How Much Is Downtime Costing Your Company?

Managed services virtually eliminate all downtime. If you’re currently struggling with intermittent outages, not being able to complete important transactions or just regular slowdowns due to IT issues, managed services could be perfect for you. In most managed service setups, everything goes through one provider who takes responsibility for any problems that might occur, allowing your business to concentrate on what it does best.

Is Your Business Stable?

You’re probably not ready for managed services if you’re constantly shifting focus on new products, changing goals or doing anything else that could affect the way managed services are set up. Make sure managed services will be the right fit before working with an information technology provider who can create a customized plan to meet your specific needs.

Are You Prepared to Commit?

The managed services model works best if managed service providers can provide complete support whenever needed, which means there’s little room for errors or changes during the relationship. Before signing any contracts make sure your staff is educated on all of the policies and procedures so there aren’t any hiccups down the road. Managed services might not be ideal if you frequently or unpredictably make changes to your business or IT infrastructure.

Do You Have The Budget?

Really, managed services can save your business a lot of money and hassle if managed properly, but they’re still more expensive than managing your own systems. Make sure managed services will meet all of your needs without breaking the bank before signing any contracts.

Managed information technology services are an excellent way for many businesses to run smoothly without the hassle of managing their own systems. With managed services you can focus on growing your business while getting all the support you need from managed service providers who take care of everything behind the scenes. Make sure managed services are right for you before making a commitment, and if managed services sound like they’re right for your business, get in touch with managed service providers today!

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