Premier Ship Models Launches a New Business Line in Car Models

Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, January 22, 2022: The UK-based renowned ship model-making company, Premier Ship Models, has now launched a new product line and website; Premier Car Models. The specialist model maker is now also creating ready-made car models, remote-controlled models, car model kits, and display cases of varied styles to suit every car. Apart from that, the company is also involved in rebranding, cleaning, and restoration of car models.

The website showcases more than 500 ready-made models, including bespoke and display pieces. This includes 100 models of RC cars, models made under corporate commissions, and plastic toy models and truck kits, and metal engines.

The precise replicas are made through Computer Numerical Control (CNC), and 3D prints of accurate model replicas, using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), and Stereo lithography (SLA printing). The company has a stringent process of ensuring high quality in products made. This includes a selection of top suppliers in the industry.  The makers of these cars have a combined experience of over 300 years. With deep knowledge of how car models have evolved through the ages, the craftsmen also continuously explore new ideas and technologies to create revolutionary products. Multiple workshops are located worldwide, suitable for projects of all budgets and requirements.

Anyone can get a bespoke car model made by creating an MMB (Model Maker’s Brief), along with a blueprint of the desired model. The team updates the client with exact photos of the work-in-progress at all stages.

Premier Car Models is a recent venture of an old ecommerce brand, founded 20 years ago. The company already boasts of customers in 80 countries, with 1000s of satisfied customers worldwide.  That includes 350 global corporate customers such as hotels, large offices, renowned museums, and motion picture productions.

With this new product line, the company wants to expand its global footprint and drive growth. The car model-making sector is larger than the ship model-making business. The huge success of Premier Ship Models can be replicated into this new product line as well.

About Premier Car Models: UK-based Premier Car Models is the sister concern of a renowned creator of high-quality tailor-made ship models for corporate and retail customers; Premier Ship Models. It is an award-winning company, bestowed with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2021, for its exemplary contribution towards international trade.

The Company has over 20 years of experience in product research and design. Their latest offerings; being accurate car model replicas, are created with the latest technologies like 3D printing, as well as Fused Deposition Modeling. With a worldwide customer base and the support of extremely talented craftsmen and technicians, the company hopes to surpass the success of its sister concern. Premier Car Models has selected the top manufacturers in the industry to enrich its collection, such as Kyosho, and Minichamps. Collectors and enthusiasts can find a huge variety of replicas of varied scales like motorbikes, trucks, tanks, buses, and their kits to choose from. The products have high functionality and run smoothly on proper solid surfaces.

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