6 Creative Ways Recycled Materials Are Used in New Products

Today, recycled materials can be found in new products in many different ways. Have you ever recycled anything? What did it become? Is there a recycling facility near you that your family uses regularly? If not, this article will give you 6 creative ways recycled materials are used in new products.

1. A Recycled Shirt

Did you know recycled materials can be recycled into new clothes? By making recycled shirts, recycled plastic bottles are turned into recycled cotton and then used as a recycled shirt or recycled clothing item. This is just one of many examples of the way recycled materials are used in new products.

 2. Reusable Skateboard Wheel

Some companies have taken recycled plastic and made it into new, recycled products such as a skateboard wheel. The recycled plastic is collected from the ocean and turned into a brand new skateboard wheel with no loss of performance or strength.

3. Bicycles Made From Recycled Water Bottles and Milk Jugs

This company takes recycled milk jugs and water bottles, cuts them up, melts them down, and transforms them into colorful new bicycles that will last just as long as if they were manufactured out of metal or other recycled materials such as old car tires.

Recycled materials can be used to make new products in many different ways; however, recycled plastic is the most common recycled material that is used because it has a high recycled rate (meaning it can be recycled over and over), and recycled plastic does not lose its strength when recycled.

4. Kitchenware Made From Recycled Materials

Another product recycled from recycled materials is kitchenware made out of recycled aluminum cans. This company takes recycled aluminum cans and turns them into recycled bowls that will last for years.

5. Recycled Styrofoam that’s 100% Compostable

One company has found a new way to cut their carbon footprint by using recycled styrofoam as one of their materials in biodegradable take out containers and cups. This saves space in landfills as well as energy from petroleum-based products such as foam containers!

6. Recycled Wood Made Into Landfill Road Base

Wood that’s been chewed up and spit out in construction projects, weathered years as railroad ties, or used in other ways can still be used for years to come. How? One common way you might have heard of is that wood can be used in mulch and organic compost. But one less well-known way is as an aggregate substitute in landfill road layers. When the wood is ground down, it makes an excellent permeable layer that both enables transportation through the landfill as well as acts as a filtering layer.

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