On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Housing: Pros and Cons for the Incoming Class of 2022

As the Class of 2022 continues to transition between high school and college, they will be faced with one of the most important decisions that will affect their experience in the coming four years: on campus vs. off campus housing. Many incoming students may be tempted to live on campus due to its close proximity to classes and dining hall while others prefer living off campus due to its convenience of having a kitchen or being able to live in closer proximity with friends. However, there are pros and cons for both on campus housing and off campus housing.

On Campus Housing Pros

-Intended to assist students who are new to the area by making them feel more comfortable. The dormitories can also serve as a place where they can meet people who have many of the same interests. The rooms are usually furnished, so all you’ll have to do is move right in when you get there, which saves you time and money. There will also likely be other amenities on campus that include cable television, gyms, and laundry facilities.

-This allows for easy access to the campus and surrounding town. Living on campus means you don’t have to worry about transportation options, because everything is within walking distance. This also saves money and time that would normally be spent commuting or purchasing a car on your own before moving onto campus.  

On Campus Housing Cons

-Residences may vary from school to school, but some students might not like what they find when they get there for the first time (musty odors, dirty bathrooms). Some students will feel uncomfortable living in such close proximity with other students who attend their college, while others might argue it’s too inconvenient if they want privacy.  Rooms are usually small as well, and there is a limited number of bathrooms per floor on some campuses.

-On campus housing prices will vary from school to school, but they’re typically more expensive than living in an apartment or house off campus. You might even find that on campus housing costs the same as your rent for an entire year elsewhere.

Off Campus Housing Pros

-Off campus housing keeps you away from the noise and distractions of college life, leaving you free to study or relax when it’s convenient for you. This gives students a greater degree of maturity and responsibility because they have less supervision from their parents/guardians who live elsewhere, which could result in them being exposed to new experiences that may not be offered on campus. You also get a lot more living space for the money you spend, and there’s a much wider range of apartment complexes to choose from.

-This can potentially lead to a big savings in money over time because off campus housing is typically cheaper than on campus housing. You’ll also be responsible for furnishing your own place, which could make it difficult if you don’t know where to begin (this is not recommended). Utilities will likely be higher as well, so there’s no guarantee that taking this route will save you money upfront.

Off Campus Housing Cons

-Living on your own means that college life may interfere with studying or maintaining your studies at an optimal level. It requires more responsibility on your part (e.g., paying rent on time, buying food for the house on your own, etc.), so if you lack this kind of maturity it could cause difficulties with keeping up. Off campus housing also means less supervision from parents/guardians who live elsewhere, which is why some students prefer to remain on campus during school years.

-Students who choose this route must commute to campus most days of the week, which can be time consuming and tiring over time. When there are problems in the house (i.e., clogged sink or broken refrigerator), it’s by yourself that you’ll have to fix them without any assistance. Living off campus also means finding a job in addition to attending classes, which might prove difficult after taking care of studies first.

Conclusively, on campus vs. off campus housing has its pros and cons. It is all up to the student whether they prefer this or not. Wharton Rentals provides off campus housing to students who do not want to live on campus.  If you are looking for an apartment close to campus, visit their website at www.whartonrentals.com.

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