How to Evaluate a Managed Service Provider

When you are in the market for managed IT services, like managed IT support or managed IT security, there is a lot to consider. You need trusted advice that can help you narrow down your options and choose the best managed service provider (MSP) for your needs. Here are five questions to ask when choosing an MSP:

1. How Do They Identify Potential Issues?

Before they start providing you with managed services, they will most likely perform some sort of assessment or health check of your business including all the devices within it. This is important because it ensures that any possible problems they find will be resolved before getting worse and impacting potentially thousands of dollars worth of productivity.

2. Do They Offer Any Type of Outsourcing?

Managed service providers may be able to offer business process outsourcing or managed IT outsourcing. These are different types of services that allow you to outsource some of your most demanding computer-related tasks without having to hire expensive, hard-to-find technical talent.

3. How Do They Structure Their Managed Services Plans?

There are generally three tiers of managed services plans: basic, mid level and premium, with each level including more managed services like 24/7 monitoring anti virus software, system updates, data backup and disaster recovery. The number of managed IT resources available depends on your needs as a customer. You will want to find the plan that best fits your budget and requirements.

4. Will They Make My Business More Secure?

They can offer managed IT security services like managed antivirus and managed firewalls. Managed services plans also provide you with 24/7 monitoring of your server and network, as well as anti-malware software to protect all devices on your network from viruses, spyware and other malware.

5. How do They Handle Remote Support?

Remote desktop support is another key component of managed service offerings that you should be aware of before making a decision. Typically, managed service providers will have different levels of this type of support available. Ask them to explain which level fits your needs best so it won’t leave you stranded in the event of an information technology emergency.

By following these five steps, you will be able to find the managed service provider that best fits your business needs. 

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