5 Fashion Nova Styles that Dominated 2021

A curve-hugging bodysuit here, a shape-worshiping dress there. A bold set of lingerie that sets the world on fire. In 2021, Instagram’s biggest label, Fashion Nova, created style trends that not only broke the internet, but fundamentally transformed how women show off their natural assets.

It’s not the first time the brand has led the way. For a popular clothing and accessory brand with well over 20 million Instagram followers, and a bevy of celebrity support, 2021 was just another year of setting — and driving – clothing and accessory trends. 

For Fashion Nova customers yearning for body positive skirts, flowing, dreamy dresses, chic bathing suits, and more, the brand’s sleek, signature, form-fitting fashion was a revelation.

Want to know which Fashion Nova styles led the market in 2021? Here’s a list:

  1. Gravity defying bathing suits that celebrate the natural form

Fact: Fashion Nova loves bathing suits. And no other brand has the pedigree, experience, or the know-how to deliver the fashion-forward bathing suits that define swim and loungewear. In 2021, Fashion Nova bikinis featured bold wild animal patterns, knobby crochet accents, and delicate-looking, deceptively strong strings to tie everything together. These bathing suits look perfectly assembled anywhere and everywhere, whether the model is lying poolside, walking down the beach, or even just hanging around the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

  1. Bodysuits that create powerful silhouettes

Nothing says confidence like a woman wearing a bodysuit that shows off every detail. Fashion Nova bodysuits are some of the most spectacular in the business, using a variety of stretchy fabrics to entice buyers into taking the literal plunge. Unlike other labels, hourglass figures are welcome, but not necessary. These Fashion Nova power pieces celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes, so for anyone who wants to strut their stuff in a revolutionary form-fitting one-piece, opportunities abound – and the label is just getting started. 

  1. Show-stopping lingerie with silky lace accents

Stretchy, silky garters. Intricate lace patterns. Bustiers and beads and sheer mesh delights. Fashion Nova lingerie was sexier than ever in 2021, creating an unprecedented buzz around plunging bustlines, g-strings, and panties cut to there. These legendary pieces are the vanguard of Fashion Nova collections, perfectly poised for sexy scenes at the club, delightful romps at home, or simply showing off the body. Fashion Nova users love their sexy lingerie, so these pieces sold out like gangbusters in 2021.

  1. Athletic wear that breaks all the rules 

When was the last time you saw a really cute sports bra? What about adorable, stretchy workout pants that could look sexy– even while enduring even the most grueling workout? Fashion Nova sportswear is a force to be reckoned with, and 2021 was no different. Customers flocked to Fashion Nova’s Instagram to purchase plush and curve-hugging workout wear, using soft fabrics that make challenging exercise both easier and more temperature-friendly. With Fashion Nova models showing off their assets at the gym, outdoors, or even on the street, sexy-yet-practical athletic wear is all the rage. Shapeless, curve-hiding workout wear is no longer the standard.  

  1. Eye-pleasing patterns, from animal prints to florals, ruled

In 2021, the outfits were the stars of the show. But to Fashion Nova staffers, the snakeskin patterns, vibrant animal prints and abstract designs set a beautiful stage. And the inspiration went far beyond the exciting, elaborate shapes and stripes of animals, both exotic and common. 

Sparkly sequins led the charge, with swirling, ropelike patterns following closely behind. Even Fashion Nova pajamas showcased their own looks, delivering cozy, traditional knitwear for chilly nights and days. Fashion Nova has always looked for new, inspiring designs, and these unexpected patterns and visual feasts more than fit the bill. 

In 2022, Fashion Nova plans to go big once again, building on their spectacular legacy as the foremost style source for proud women who love their bodies – and enjoy clothing that delivers the confidence to rock it. It’s the same design philosophy that led rap icon Cardi B to become Fashion Nova’s most high-profile champion, with other celebrities from music, entertainment, and fashion spreading plenty of buzz about the new must-have brand. 

Fashion Nova pledges to continue dressing women in impeccable, eye-catching style in 2022, so look specifically for elegant, sexy shapes, bold colors and designs, and trend-setting outfits for mild days, lazy evenings, and wild late nights. The internet’s leading label has plenty up its sleeve, so don’t miss what’s in the pipeline for this new year.  

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