What Does A Security Assessment Really Tell You?

A security assessment is an important security tool that many companies use to help them protect their network infrastructure, information security and susceptibility. When evaluating security assessments it’s important to understand exactly what they are telling you.

When conducting security assessments the following three key elements must be considered: 

Network Infrastructure

-concerned with how you have implemented your systems on a technical level. They will look for security flaws in hardware devices, network devices and software applications being used by your organization. These security assessment findings may indicate issues with routers or switches not being configured properly or perhaps even improperly set up wireless access points. Network Infrastructure looks at logical vulnerabilities within your system configuration as well as physical vulnerabilities such as unauthorized access points, security cameras or security keypads.

Information security

-looks at all aspects of how you store and manage confidential information on an organizational level. Information security is concerned with the security controls that organizations can implement to protect their data. This may be related to inadequate security settings in your network infrastructure (such as not having read only permissions for files on a file server) or simply using old, weak passwords on systems used for managing sensitive data (which also impacts Network Infrastructure).


-is related to threats from outside your organization such as hackers, malware attacks and incidents involving the release of unauthorized information. Susceptibility focuses on things like who has access to your systems and networks and how they could potentially exploit this access by stealing data or simply taking your systems offline.

You have now learned what it means when companies say they offer security assessments or that they conduct security assessments for their customers. If you need security assessments done for your organization, then you should contact Single Point Global security management professionals. They will conduct security assessments that are designed to provide you with a security framework which is holistic and focuses on security issues throughout your entire organization.

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