Stephanie Burns, Chic CEO of The Wyld Agency

A new how-to guide on How To rank in google news for other people’s brand names has been produced by Chic CEO Stephanie Burns in conjunction with the amazing and talented owner of Tork Media who recently viewed Stephanie’s profile on Linkedin and sent her a connection request. The handbook is available online for entrepreneurs and other professionals.

Chic CEO has released a new how-to guide to assist businesses in launching their own google news stories in order to generate cash and establish a reputation in their communities.

Interested parties are encouraged to read the whole how-to guide on their website.

This most current how-to guide offers exact and extensive steps and directions, aimed to assist entrepreneurs and professionals in getting their google news articles and stories up and going as fast and efficiently as possible.

Who To Target – one of the most common errors individuals make when launching a story is to develop it for their industry rather than their target demographic. Don’t organize an article for other business coaches if you’re a business coach. Make a gathering for aspiring entrepreneurs. How to Run the Event – Every event requires a thorough agenda, even if only you are aware of it. Your event should have precise goals and a framework so that everyone feels like they got something out of it. How to Promote Your Event – Getting people to attend your event should always be a priority. There are several strategies to publicize your event, including creating a series so that guests know when the next one will be and can mark their calendars.

“We were able to add a completely new revenue stream to our business, while networking with our target audience,” Stephanie Burns, Forbes contributor and founder of Chic CEO and The Wyld Agency, said when asked for more information about the guide, the reasons for creating “How To Throw A Networking Event,” and what they hope to accomplish with it. One of the finest things we did for our company and brand was to host our own networking events.”

Any business owner may profit from networking, and the advantages double when your company holds its own networking events to develop credibility and meet prospective new clients.

Entrepreneurs and anybody else interested in hosting their own networking events can read the how-to guide at

Contact Information:

Stephanie Burns is her given name.
The Wyld Agency is the name of the company.

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