Air Conditioner Maintenance in Aurora CO

Any air conditioning system can break down over time, even if it was installed properly and used carefully. If you ignore the scheduled inspection, the system is clogged and the air conditioner does not fully cope with its tasks. As a result, in the summertime, the premises would not cool, as they should, and in the wintertime, they would not warm up. This can be fixed by the HVAC Company Aurora CO, which offers a complex service of air conditioner diagnostics.

How often should you check your air conditioner?

A very widespread problem is to contact a repair company when a split system already doesn’t work. This is terribly wrong. The situation could be solved or prevented with timely prophylactic measures. And you need them in any case, even if you don’t see visible defects or malfunctions in the work of your equipment. There are a number of internal factors, which affect the work of the air conditioner from the inside.

According to technical specifications for house air conditioners, they need to be inspected and cleaned once per 6 months. For industrial models, which work with the air of lower quality, the term is 3 months. It would be better to conduct the inspection procedure before the summer season starts because the maximal workload of air conditioners specifically occurs in this period. Would you agree that having an air conditioner broken at 105 degrees is a very unpleasant situation?

What air conditioner maintenance includes

Diagnostics of an air conditioner is a complex process, which includes several steps:

  1. checking the condition of an air conditioner and finding possible program errors
  2. visual inspection of equipment from outside and inside to find any possible defects, malfunctions, and freon leaks
  3. cleaning the split system from the accumulated dirt, changing the clogged filters if necessary
  4. small repairs of damaged parts
  5. changing the worn-out nodes and parts with new elements of the same function.

Diagnostic presupposes not just finding out possible breakages but also their timely repair. Engineers can most often do it on the spot since, on most occasions, it won’t be necessary to uninstall the air conditioner to bring it to the service center. An experienced engineer has to have all the necessary equipment at hand.

What unpleasant situations can you avoid with timely technical maintenance?

If you conduct the diagnostics of air conditioning equipment in accordance with the technical specifications, you can save a lot of money on costly repairs, evading worries and time losses. Scheduled maintenance helps find and eliminate such problems at early stages:

  • deposits of large volumes of dust and dirt in the filters, which lead to ineffective air circulation
  • deposited dust on the heat exchanger and evaporator, which leads to worsening of the heat exchange between the components
  • the clogged drainage system, which results in overly condensing fluid and its leakage
  • clogging of the outer air conditioner block with poplar fluff, pollen, leaves, and other street sources of dirt
  • the proliferation of molds and fungi in the internal cavities
  • damaged connections, piping, and wiring
  • loss of coolant through micro-cracks, which leads to worsening of the air cooling function
  • deposited dust on the fan blades, which slows down their rotation speed.

In most cases, the mentioned problems are the consequences or many-year ignorance of the procedure of technical servicing. But if you allow that, think of the need to spend lots of money for its further repairs. One breakdown can cause another since the air conditioner works on the verge of its capabilities because of the dirt inside of it. As a result, its nodes get overheated, worn out faster, and break down sooner, so its total malfunction is not a question of if, it’s a question of when.

Who conducts the diagnostics?

You should entrust the air conditioner diagnostics only to verified companies, which have many positive pieces of feedback from their customers. There are many service companies out there but you should only pay attention to those, which have experienced personnel, necessary technical background, and required expendables. An important role is also played by the timely arrival of engineers to the client’s place at an agreed time.

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