How to generate a qualified lead

Generating leads is an essential business strategy for increasing your conversion rate and boosting your sales. The objective is to undertake actions to work on the maturity of a prospect with a view to converting him into a qualified lead. The latter is mature enough to make a sale in the short term. They have effectively identified their specific needs, prompting them to make their project a reality. This article details the lead generation process and the different methodologies you can use.

The stages of lead generation

Setting your objectives is the first step in generating a qualified lead. They must be realistic and time-bound, in terms of quantity and quality. Depending on your activity, you can set the number of qualified leads to be generated each month for example.

Next, you need to know your personas. These refer to the typical profiles of consumers for whom your products and services are intended. You can then adapt your advertising campaigns to convert them into leads. They are more receptive to your messages because they already know your company or your offers.

Once you have profiled the personas, study their behavior. The aim is to find the right time and channel to send your message. You can also segment your database. This step consists of sorting and categorizing your contacts according to the products or services they are looking for. It facilitates, among other things, the automation of your e-mailing campaign in order to raise awareness among your prospects and leads.

Business strategies to adopt

Generating qualified leads is the result of an effective and appropriate strategy. You can choose between several techniques used by marketing experts.

Outbound Marketing

With this strategy, your company works on advertising campaigns aimed at prospects with the typical profile of your personas. The objective is to present your brand and all the offers available. You have the advantage of being in direct contact with the prospect. However, it is important to have a reliable and solid database. Your whole strategy is based on targeting. 

Inbound Marketing

By opting for this technique, you need to adapt your sales strategy to the behavior of your potential customers through content marketing and social selling.

Content marketing refers to the production of quality content. It should provide practical and effective solutions to the problems encountered by Internet users. You demonstrate your expertise in your field of activity in order to gain the trust of consumers. You generate traffic to your website. This allows you to start the process of converting visitors into qualified leads through various actions.

Social selling is based on the same principle as content marketing. However, the targeted personas are present on social networks. It is also important to publish attractive content. This will encourage people to subscribe to your accounts. They will always be notified of your subsequent publications. You can be sure that they will check them for the latest news about you.

Commercial prospection software

Using a business prospection tool like Kaspr optimizes the generation of qualified leads more efficiently. By installing the Kaspr plug-in on your web browser, you will get the contact details of new contacts from LinkedIn. It is also possible that your prospects have changed their number and e-mail address without letting you know.

The sales prospection tool also automates the sorting and integration of contacts into workflows and marketing automation platforms. It is therefore simple to use and makes database management easier. The integrated dashboard allows, among other things, to set up the automatic sending of invitation requests to contacts with the typical profile of the target customers. When they accept, the plug-in downloads the data available in the public domain.

In Brief

Generating leads is an essential growth lever in the digital sector. It allows you to better target people who might be interested in your services or products. Indeed, potential customers are among the many Internet users who regularly connect. It is therefore important to target prospects into qualified leads in order to increase your sales and turnover. There are different strategies to achieve your goals in this sector. You can use outbound and inbound marketing techniques. Alternatively, you can use commercial prospection software. They automate the collection and processing of contact details of prospects available on social networks, especially LinkedIn. So choose the method that suits your structure and allows you to get a result quickly.

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