How to Celebrate Your Puppy’s 1st Christmas

How to Celebrate Your Puppy's 1st Christmas

If you have a new puppy in your life, the holiday season might be more exciting to you now than it ever was before. You may be looking forward to spending time with your family with your puppy in your arms, and you might be anxious to see how your puppy will react when you get your tree up. 

Soak Up Every Minute

It is important for you to soak up every moment of your puppy’s first Christmas season and find joy in all of the little activities that you and your puppy participate in together. Make the process of decorating your home a slow and relaxed one, and explain to your puppy all that you are doing as you make the place beautiful. Take time to sit down with your puppy for snuggles and a movie.

Take Lots of Pictures

You want to remember your puppy’s first Christmas. Once this milestone has passed, you cannot get it back. Take a picture when you find your puppy curled up under the tree for the first time, and get your camera out when you attempt to dress your puppy in a cute holiday costume.

Buy Appropriate Gifts for Your Pet

You can shower your puppy with all kinds of gifts. Look for toys that are the right size for your puppy and that are age appropriate. Choose special baked treats that are made just for dogs. Find gifts that are safe for your puppy and that you will enjoy giving.

Be Patient When Introducing Your Pet to Others

Your puppy may or may not be excited when your home fills up with holiday visitors. Be patient with them and make sure that you pay attention to how they are feeling when you are putting on a holiday party or having loved ones stay in your home.

Plan Carefully for Any Traveling You Need to Do

If you are going to be taking trips away from home during your puppy’s first Christmas season, make sure that you plan appropriately for those trips. Traveling with your puppy requires you to find out if the hotels you are looking into will allow your pet inside. Traveling with your pet also means that you will have to plan for a lot of stops on the way to your destination and bring your pet’s belongings with you.

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

It is important for you to go into your pet’s first Christmas season without a lot of expectations for things. You need to know that your home will not be perfectly clean during the holiday season and that your puppy might mess up some of your decorations. You need to be willing to brush off events that you planned on attending but cannot for one reason or another because of your new puppy. The less pressure you put on yourself and your puppy, the more the two of you will enjoy the Christmas season.

You Can – and Should – Fully Enjoy Your Puppy’s 1st Christmas

With a little planning, you can celebrate your puppy’s first Christmas, enjoy doing that, and know that you will have many more Christmases that you can spend together in the future.

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