4 Simple Ways to Bring More Butterflies to Your Yard

4 Simple Ways to Bring More Butterflies to Your Yard

Butterflies are fascinating creatures. Many people enjoy watching their graceful movements and love seeing the bright colors they display on their wings. But what if you could attract beautiful butterflies in droves to your yard? Surprisingly, it’s actually quite simple to attract butterflies to your yard, and you will be able to enjoy their majesty from your porch or patio. 

1) Plant Nectar-Producing Plants

First of all, butterflies need nectar to live off of, just like humans need food. There is usually no shortage of nectar for them in the wild; however, by planting flowers throughout your yard, especially near areas with lots of sunlight, you can create multiple ‘nurseries’ for these insects – bringing more butterflies to the area! Keep in mind that some plants (such as milkweed) should be planted in a ‘pest control zone’ to avoid attracting other insects that may interfere with the butterfly’s lifecycle.

2) Have Butterfly Feeders Available

If you want to attract butterflies, even more, invest in a butterfly feeder and place it somewhere where your beautiful visitors can easily spot (and enjoy) it. Most of these feeders consist of sugar water or another simple syrup solution with the same consistency as nectar. Just make sure not to use honey or red dye, which can be harmful if consumed by any insect.

3) Provide Water To Drink

Butterflies get most (if not all) of their liquids from the nectar they drink; however, just like us, they will also need water for hydration purposes. For this reason, ensure that you have at least one jar filled with fresh drinking water out in your yard at all times – and clear some space around it for butterflies to land if they choose. Moreover, if you have a birdbath, consider filling it with fresh water as well – butterflies will often come to drink from these.

4) Stop Using Chemical Pesticides & Bug Sprays

After all of the hard work you’ve put into creating a butterfly oasis in your backyard, do not ruin your efforts by spraying harmful pesticides and bug sprays on plants throughout your home. Not only are these chemical products potentially toxic to humans, even if they aren’t directly ingested, but they can also be dangerous for any insect that comes into contact with them. Remember, just because you don’t see the bugs doesn’t mean they’re not there! By using environmentally-friendly natural treatments instead of harsh chemicals, many species of butterfly will likely come to your yard to lay their egg and start a new life cycle. It’s a win-win situation!

With a few simple changes, you can encourage more and more beautiful butterflies to visit your yard and enjoy all that it has to offer. Just remember to provide nectar-rich plants, water, some feeders, and pesticide-free spaces, and you’ll be on your way to creating a backyard oasis for these lovely creatures! Get out your cameras and binoculars so you enjoy the butterflies that are sure to come to your yard.

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