Is Microblading Worth The Money?

If you’re looking into the mirror and wondering what the hell happened to your brows, you’re not the only one. Many people find that after a while, their brows get into a terrible state after years and years of plucking them. Their shape is ruined, symmetry lost, and some hair loss. No matter how good you are in the makeup department, it can be hard to mask the deterioration of your brows, and in any case, makeup is just a temporary solution. That’s where microblading comes in. 

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a manual technique for cosmetic near-permanent tattooing of the brow area, which makes your eyebrows appear fuller than they actually are. The process involves small needles creating individual hair strokes by implanting a pigment beneath the skin. The effect is a very natural looking eyebrow. The treatment can be used by most people, but really comes into its own for people with overly-plucked, thin eyebrows. Some people have lost their eyebrows because of conditions like alopecia areata, and microblading renews their confidence in very wonderful ways. It’s not just people with thin eyebrows who can benefit from microblading. Some people have really full eyebrows and this can give them a rather asymmetric look. Microblading will improve your eyebrows’ symmetry, giving your eyebrows a better aesthetic.

Some people are not viable candidates for microblading. People with excessively oily skin are typically not good candidates for microblading, because the oils will push the pigment up, blurring and fading the effect of the microblading.

Microblading is typically done over two sessions, spaced between 6 and 8 weeks apart, in order to achieve the best results. After that, regular maintenance every 12 to 16 months will be required. 

How It’s Done

The first step is to trace the area that the microblading has to be done over. When the area has been mapped, microblading can begin. A small blade with lots of small needles will implant a pigment just above your skin’s dermis. The first few strokes are a bit scratchy, but once the numbing cream takes effect, you won’t feel anything and can easily relax and fall asleep. The strokes are made so that they mimic the look and thickness of strands of hair. To heighten the naturalness of the effect, incisions are made in and around your existing strands. This makes it impossible for anyone to tell that you have had microblading done. 

The End Result 

Microblading is very natural looking and if you are afraid that your eyebrows look too polished, you can always get a super-natural enhancement which will make your eyebrows look just a little bit fuller and thicker. You won’t believe how natural microblading looks. 

The effect is even more enhanced if you do the right things during the healing process. You need to know that in the first two weeks, your eyebrows will appear darker and more artificial than you wanted. That’s part of the process. In that period, the microblading will fade its way to perfection. Keep the area as dry as possible. Avoid swimming, excessive sweating and saunas. Don’t wear any skin care products or makeup or around the area until it has completely healed. 

The second of the two sessions is for a color touchup, after which, as we said, you will get touch-ups every 12 to 16 months. 

I guarantee that once you see the final result of microblading eyebrows, you’ll absolutely love it.

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