5 Things You Should Never Buy Used

5 Things You Should Never Buy Used

Everyone loves a good deal—I mean who can resist? Sometimes buying things used can save you a considerable amount of money for exactly the same product you would have if you purchased it new. Buying a used piano or used car are examples of perfectly acceptable use items, however, not everything should be purchased second-hand. Here are some things you should never ever buy used.


Brand new mattresses cost a pretty penny. Anyone who has bought a new mattress knows how pricey they can come. However, buying a previously owned mattress comes with all sorts of risks. From bed bugs to mold, you don’t want to bet your well-being on it. Statistics show that the average human spends nearly one-third of their life in their beds. So, when you consider how much time someone else might have been in a mattress that you’re considering buying, it starts to make you think whether you really want to buy something someone else has spent so much time in.


Cosmetics are something else that costs a significant amount of money when you buy them new. However, if you buy cosmetics second-hand, you don’t know what kind of bacteria it’s been exposed to. Even though a seller may promise that something’s never been opened before, there’s no way of really telling. You’re better off saving your money and buying your cosmetic product’s brand new.


A lot of people are tempted to buy a nice set of pots and pans, but they see them listed online. However, pots and pans are not something that should be passed down through multiple buyers. Since they get scratched over time, the stick-free chemicals start to peel off and could expose you to toxic substances that you don’t want to ingest. Pots and pans only last so long, so make sure that you buy new ones to ensure your safety.

Hats or Helmets

Buying hats or helmets used comes with risks since you don’t know how clean they are. Helmets in particular are not washable unless you want to do a number on your washing machine, so it’s better off buying these types of items new. The last thing you want is head lice as a result of your second-hand purchase. Even though it might seem like a great deal, you have to ask yourself whether it’s really worth it having to rid your entire family of pesky head lice.


Although it may seem innocent buying a perfume that’s only (allegedly) been sprayed a few times, the truth is that you don’t really know what’s inside. Someone could potentially fill a perfume bottle with whatever they want. When you spray something on your skin, you risk yourself being exposed to whatever is inside of the bottle. You’re better off buying perfume’s brand new.

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