3 Key Reasons Every Cigar Lover Needs a Humidor

3 Key Reasons Every Cigar Lover Needs a Humidor

Cigars are wonderful. They make you happy, they taste great, and the experience of smoking one is unique. One thing that goes along with cigars to make them even better is a cigar humidor—it keeps your cigars at their optimal humidity, ensuring they do not become dry or brittle. This cigar accessory is worth a gift to cigar aficionados for Christmas, Father’s Day, or their birthday. Since you feel good and refreshed after smoking, investing in a cigar accessory, including a humidor, is a truly happy choice that gives back.

1- A Cigar Humidor Helps Preserve Taste & Freshness

Cigars are complex things—they have flavors ranging from simple tobacco to coffee, chocolate or vanilla, depending on what you choose. For these tastes and smells to come out when you smoke a cigar, it has to be fresh and moist—the construction of most cigars naturally leads them to being dry, but with the help of a humidor, they can be kept moist and delicious. When you put a cigar into a humidor, it will absorb the moisture in the air until it reaches the perfect level of humidity—and this is done by adding distilled water to your humidifier (the device that keeps your cigars at their ideal humidity). The more often you open and close your humidor, the faster these levels change; therefore, if you smoke a lot of cigars on any given day, it would be best to keep them in a bigger (also known as ‘cabinet’) size. So make sure to only get one that’s big enough for all of your cigars.

2- A Cigar Humidor Allows You To Buy In Bulk

When you buy cigars in bulk, you save money. But if your cigars get too dried out, they don’t taste good, and they’re not worth the money you spent on them at all! A humidor does two things that help you avoid this problem—first, it keeps your cigars fresh so that when you open up your box of 20 cigars, it doesn’t stink like ammonia because they’re too dry to smoke. Second, it lets you buy in bulk. More humidors mean more space for storage which means more cigars = more savings. Don’t forget—you can even find certain cigar cabinets online or in stores with their own humidifier included (like this one )!

3- A Cigar Humidor Helps You Find The Perfect Smoky Spot

One thing you might have experienced if you’ve ever gone out to smoke a cigar with friends is that the perfect spot for smoking them never comes along. Maybe it’s too windy, or there are people everywhere, or maybe you’re somewhere indoors where the air conditioning makes everything taste funny—but none of this has to be an issue! With a cigar humidor, you can keep your cigars by themselves in your house and always have them ready to smoke when you want one. Make sure to get a cabinet size humidor, so all of your cigars fit easily!

These are just some of the key reasons why every cigar lover needs a humidor. They have distinct purposes that benefit your cigars and, ultimately, you! Remember to choose one that’s big enough for all of your cigars so that you don’t run out of space—and make sure to get an accurate humidity monitor, too! Your humidor will work best if it’s checked on regularly; thus, use a hygrometer to test your cigars and change the water in the humidifier as needed.

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