How to Avoid Frustrated Customers

Frustrated customers are the bane of any business owner’s existence, especially whether it’s avoidable or not. Frustration can come in many forms; one of which is overwhelming wait times for your product. No one wants to spend their time waiting around at a restaurant or shop when they could be doing other things (especially with fast food chains having drive-thru windows), so avoid this by making sure your business has an online or mobile ordering app.

Make Sure Your Business is Mobile-Friendly

First things first, you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If a customer can’t access your online or mobile ordering app from their phone, then there’s no point in having one at all. Make sure they have the ability to download it and that it’s functional on their phone; they’ll avoid lengthy wait times and frustration.

Make Sure Your Menu is Mobile-Friendly as Well

Do you ever avoid going to a restaurant because they don’t have a menu online? It’s likely that your customers avoid ordering from you as well if this is the case, not only will that mean lost business, but it could also mean angry customers. Make sure your customers can look at your menu before showing up to avoid confusion and frustration.

Keep Track of the Number of Customers in Your Line

This may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many businesses miss this step (or simply don’t care). If the number of customers in line are getting higher than the number of employees working, you likely need to increase your workforce. Even if you have a mobile or online ordering app, it could result in a longer wait time due to employee shortages and confusion with the orders.

Make Sure Your Staff is Properly Trained

In the same vein as keeping track of the number of customers in line, you need to make sure your staff is properly trained as well. You can avoid confusion and frustration by making sure each member of your team knows the menu, how to use the mobile or online ordering app, and what they should do if there’s an issue with a customer’s order.

Keep Track of Customer Feedback

Lastly, you need to monitor customer feedback. An online or mobile ordering app is a great way to avoid frustrated customers, but it also opens you up to more criticism as well. Keep track of the problems that arise from using your online ordering app and avoid those issues in the future by making changes as necessary. 

If you need help avoiding customer frustration, simply contact ToGo Technologies here. We can make sure that your online or mobile ordering app is easy to use and avoid costly mistakes.

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