How is Ultra-personalization Revolutionizing Commercial Prospection

The development of digital technology and the various health measures related to Covid-19 has led to a multiplication of marketing actions around the world. As a result, customers are demanding a more personalized approach with relevant offers on their preferred channels. This context is leading to a profound change in marketing strategy. How does ultra-personalization revolutionize commercial prospection? This article provides the answers.

Commercial prospection: What is meant by ultra-personalization?

Commercial prospection is a crucial and decisive stage in the sales process of a brand. It consists of looking for customers who might be interested in the services or products you offer. The objective is to establish contact with prospects in order to convert them into loyal consumers. An ultra-personalized campaign aims to gain a trusting and long-lasting relationship with customers.

How can you create personalized communication with your prospects?
First of all, it is essential to determine the company’s objectives, ie the number of customers to be won over per day, etc. Next, it is important to know your targets well, taking into account their needs and difficulties, in order to provide them with personalized solutions. Creating quality content related to your business helps to attract the attention of your potential customers. Based on market research and prospect behavior, define one or two personas. This is a semi-fictional representation of the characteristics of your targets. In this way, it is possible to personalize communication by adapting it to the personality and tastes of your potential customers.

A personalized approach thanks to quality contacts

To be able to contact as many potential customers as possible and to increase your turnover, it is essential to obtain the actual contact details of prospects. Where and how do you look for the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of your potential customers? In addition to trade fairs, social networks are the ideal channels for finding information about prospects.

To optimize your approach, take advantage of proven lead generation tools such as Kaspr, which is designed to automatically collect contact information from your qualified targets on LinkedIn. Knowing that this network is a key channel for B2B marketing. Using filters on LinkedIn helps to find specific targets. To do this, mention the fields of activity of the people you are looking for, their geographical location, their position, etc. The platform offers a list of profiles that match your request. Then visit the profile of the potential clients after integrating the Kaspr widget on the LinkedIn page. You will then have access to all relevant information about the prospects with which to build a contact list. No more running into the switchboard. The tool helps you get the active phone numbers and emails of your target company’s decision-makers. Use the detailed information obtained to personalize the exchanges.

A strategy for better lead opening rates

Personalizing the customer experience is about building a close relationship with your targets. Emailing is indeed the most effective strategy, especially in B2B prospection. This approach always accompanies the other techniques (cold call prospection, field research). The approach is based on sending mass messages to a list of qualified prospects.

Knowing your targets well is the key to successful commercial prospection. Not only can you address the person likely to be interested in your offer, you can also communicate effectively. Find out what mistakes to avoid when writing prospection emails. Sending customized messages gives your brand more credibility and encourages potential customers to continue the conversation. The use of the recipient’s first or last name shows that you are particularly interested in the recipient. It is also essential to put yourself in the shoes of a specialist and offer solutions to the various problems the target audience is facing. This is because they pay attention to brands that see them as individuals and are willing to establish a genuine relationship with them.

An approach that ensures customer loyalty

In order to develop business activities more quickly, it is important to combine the acquisition of prospects with customer retention. By automating the Kaspr lead generation action, it is possible to receive new real contacts. In addition, building stronger, long-term relationships with consumers helps you improve the profitability of your business. This strategy encourages customers to continually renew their purchases. A satisfied consumer can also act as an ambassador for the company through their testimonials. In addition, their feedback serves as a reference for you to adjust the quality of your products and services. It also helps you fine-tune your marketing strategy and optimise your return on investment. Use the customer’s journey and purchase history, their sharing of reviews on social networks to make communication ultra-personalized. This strategy guarantees the loyalty of your consumers.

In short, the rise of digitalization since the spread of the Covid-19 has revolutionized commercial prospection. In order to meet customer demands and stand out in the market, brands are adopting more personalized approaches. Not only does this approach guarantee a maximum conversion rate, but it also ensures customer loyalty.

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