5 Microsoft Products You Should Definitely Be Using

Everyone in information technology knows that Microsoft is powerful and powerful in many ways. You may think they only make operating systems like Windows and server-based products like Exchange Mail Server, but they actually make a bunch of other really cool tools and gadgets (which we will discuss in this article) that you should be using to boost your business.

1) Microsoft Azure

First on the list, is Microsoft Azure. According to information technology professionals , it can be used for many business purposes. If you need a virtual server or service that’s cloud-based, then this is the product you should look into. Cloud computing leaves room for information technology services like Amazon EC2 and Rackspace because everything is done through the internet instead of an information technology professional’s personal computer.

2) Microsoft Office 365

Next on the list is Microsoft Office 365. Some information technology professionals are hesitant to use this product because they are resistant to change, but it has many good things going for it. It combines cloud computing with mobile device management and archiving. If you are worried about information security, there is always the option for information technology professionals to get an information security audit.

3) Microsoft SQL Server

The next product on the list might make you giggle because it’s technically not a Microsoft creation. It was actually developed by Sybase , but then Microsoft acquired them and started maintaining it. Once information technology professionals get over that, they’ll see how useful it is because information technology services like information security and information systems deployment can be done on-site or in the cloud.

4) Microsoft Dynamics GP

Another product developed by a third party was purchased by Microsoft to increase its value and help information technology departments across the country. It’s so beneficial for information technology services because information technology professionals can manage their company’s finances in a simple and secure manner. Microsoft Dynamics GP is the product you want to use when information technology needs to control information system maintenance. .

5) Microsoft Lync Server 2013

Last but not least, information technology professionals should be using this popular collaboration tool. It can do everything from information security to information systems maintenance services, which makes information technology professionals’ lives easier.

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