Struggling To Stay Motivated? Joseph Jedlowski Shares 6 Strategies For Entrepreneurs To Implement [2022 Guide]

Struggling To Stay Motivated? Joseph Jedlowski Shares 6 Strategies For Entrepreneurs To Implement [2022 Guide]

As entrepreneurs, we face many challenges daily; these challenges may arise from many fronts, and if not properly managed, may affect our ability to stay motivated. Motivation is one of the most critical assets to running a successful business, and it must stay intact. 

Have you been struggling with motivation lately? The chances are that your business is feeling its brunt, so how do you stay motivated? 

The following six strategies from Joseph Jedlowski, former President and Owner of Milestone Retirement Communities, LLC and current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Distinctive Living, should help guide you through a gradual rediscovery of your motivation.

Set a list of goals for yourself and your business. 

When you don’t have a goal or set of goals you are working towards, it’s hard to stay motivated. You may constantly find your subconscious mind asking questions like, ‘why am I doing this?’ 

Setting a clear set of goals eliminates the doubts and gives you something to look forward to every day. The prospect of achieving something you have thought about is a substantial motivating factor. 

Gain inspiration from other successful entrepreneurs.

The truth, which you already know, is that everyone faces a form of challenge or the other. Others who are happy doing what they do doesn’t mean they have it all rosy. 

They probably have their plethora of challenges but have been able to either overcome them or don’t allow them to take away their motivation. You should take a cue from these successful entrepreneurs

It won’t be a smooth road all the way; Joseph Jedlowski suggests learning to stay in charge of situations during the bumpy rides as well. 

Do what makes you happy often. 

Take the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” literally by making sure you find time to enjoy your leisure. This will help you relax and regain your energy. You get to think again with a clear head. 

If you find satisfaction in swimming or any other sport, find the time to do this frequently, it prevents burnouts and helps rediscover motivation.

Celebrate your milestones, reward yourself.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road sometimes, and if you don’t celebrate your wins, no matter how small, you probably won’t have anyone to celebrate them for you. 

Celebrating what you have been able to accomplish will motivate you to do even more in order to achieve other significant feat next time.

Have a routine.

Waking up in the morning without knowing the next step to take is not a good idea. Having your day all planned out helps you complete more tasks throughout the day. 

Having a set of steps to do makes every day worthwhile, so you might want to consider setting this up. 

Struggling To Stay Motivated? Joseph Jedlowski Shares 6 Strategies For Entrepreneurs To Implement [2022 Guide]

Have an ultimate purpose. The big “why”. 

Why are you doing what you are doing? Why now? Why this time? It would help if you ask yourself these questions frequently to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. 

The answer to these questions is as important as the questions themselves. It would help if you had a purpose in your business, be it customer satisfaction, the will to provide quality goods or services, bridging a gap you identified and many more. 

This will motivate you by reminding you that you are not just existing but serving a significant purpose. 

Last Words

Motivation is a big part of everyday life, not only business. Most times, when everything else seems to go off, motivation is what keeps you going. 

As such, you need an unending load of it to run a successful business. The six strategies above shared by Joseph Jedlowski, although not exhaustive, would guide you to rediscover what motivates you.

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