5 Watch Repair Issues and the Professional Repair Process

5 Watch Repair Issues and the Professional Repair Process

Luxury timepieces usually require a high level of expertise to clean, inspect, or repair. The assembly and adjustments of movements is an intricate process that demands the right tools and techniques. Some brands have rigorous training for a watchmaker to be certified to fix the watch. Here are five common watch repair problems and the process to fix them.

1- Watch Cleaning and Inspection

Cleaning is critical for your watch function and longevity. The accumulation of dust can force the buttons to get stuck. Usually, it is debris preventing the springs from bouncing back.

Nevertheless, it is not advisable to touch the springs with your fingers. You can introduce oils and debris that could worsen the problem.

A professional watch repair service utilizes ultrasonic cleaners to remove dirt from intricate components of your watch. An experienced watchmaker can also spot other repair problems you may need to address.

2- Professional Stem and Crown Repair

The stem and crown are the components that allow you to set the time. Most modern watches have fragile crowns. They can break, leaving your timepiece susceptible to water damage and rust.

The watchmaker will first check the model’s specifications before making any adjustments. Choosing the correct stem is critical for the function of your valued watch.

The removal of the stem also requires specialized tools. The watchmaker must be careful not to damage the crown, which can be fragile.

3- Watch Crystal Repair and Replacement

A broken crystal can ruin the aesthetics of your watch and make it age faster. If you do not fix the crystal on time, it can allow moisture and debris to accumulate.

A watch repair professional will replace the glass crystal with the corresponding brand and model. If you can’t find a replacement, they can craft one and fit it for you. After the test is complete, the watchmaker will test the accuracy of the watch.

4- Links Addition or Removal

The makers of luxury timepieces use metals such as platinum and gold for the bands and links. One disadvantage with these metals is that they are malleable. It requires a high level of skill to remove the links or polish them.

Watch repair professionals have to take a three-year course to be expert polishers. Removing pins and readjusting them can leave ugly scratch marks on your luxury watch. A professional process is more precise, allowing for a more comfortable fit.

5- Watch Overhaul Service

A watch overhaul service is the best way to ensure your watch is functioning correctly. An overhaul involves multiple tasks, including reassembly, lubrication, and cleaning. The watchmaker will inspect the crown and check if the gaskets are defective.

After replacing gaskets and worn-out components, a professional will perform pressure and water resistance tests. The scratches on the glass should have disappeared after polishing. Your watchmaker should perform all the above tasks when you take your timepiece for an overhaul service.

It is always advisable to seek a professional to repair your watch. Contact a professional watch repair service to restore the function and aesthetics of your timepiece.

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