Different Criminal Charges And How To Fight Them Efficiently

Being charged with a crime and arrested is one of the most jarring experiences of your life. The last thing you want to do is admit fault as you will want to fight your charges. Being charged with certain crimes can impact your career and freedom. You don’t want your professional life to crumble simply because you didn’t fight your criminal charges. Below are a few common crimes that you could be charged with and how to fight them efficiently. 


Trespassing laws in NC and other states are relatively clear. You shouldn’t be trespassing on the property regardless of the reason. Hunters frequently are cited for trespassing as they simply lose track of where the hunting ground ends and another person’s property begins. You can also be trespassed from an establishment that will result in you being arrested if you do return. This happens when crimes have occured or when a person is no longer welcome at a business. 


DWI occurs quite frequently as some people have a hard time judging how intoxicated that they are. Depending on your level of intoxication, there are harsher punishments for people that have a certain BAC or above. The one thing you need to remember is that you are not required to perform any sobriety tests. You also do not have to take a breathalyzer and can apply for a work-only driver’s license. 

You are going to have to do substance abuse courses regardless if you take a plea deal or are convicted. Get an attorney that specializes in DWI cases as they can pick apart the case that the prosecutors have. You are also going to have to go to some kind of event that is run by MADD in some states. 


Being charged with battery has different implications depending on who the victim is. If you live or are romantically involved with the victim, you most likely will be charged with domestic battery. Simple battery can be the result of getting into a fight at a bar although in many cases this is considered mutual combat. The best thing you can do is attend classes for anger management and get proof of doing so. This likely will be a part of a sentence so you can get a an advantage. 

Drug Possession

Drug possession laws differ immensely from state to state as marijuana is recreationally legal in some states. Getting arrested with drugs on your person is one thing but being arrested with multiple people in your car because you are the driver is another. Getting the help that you need can be very important and a judge will consider this during sentencing. Sobriety is the only way that some people can manage their lives and millions of people struggle with addiction. 

Fighting your criminal charges has to be done as you want to get your charges dropped or at least receive a reasonable sentence. Do not try to do this alone as this is a recipe for disaster even if you have a plethora of legal experience.

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