Imtazur Rahman – The insider tips of the Canadian Wedding Planner!

Every person has their own idea of what an ideal dream wedding should look like! This is all part of the magic that is a part of this romantic wedding day!

But! But… weddings can be expensive.

As time passes the cost of weddings continue to increase. It’s important to remember that there are a lot of things to think about, such as the location, the wedding gown, the cake, and honeymoon. Dinner and Entertainment Wedding Photos to print and take, and so on.

In the process of planning an ideal wedding, many newlyweds end-up in debt. This is not a good way to begin a marriage.

We are pleased to present some tips and tricks to assist you in planning your dream marriage on a limited budget. Today, we are featuring Imtazur Rahman an experienced wedding planner from Canada, who will be sharing his expertise with you on how to do it with a limited budget.

How much does it usually cost to be married?

Imtazur Rahman – This may not surprise your readers but budget weddings are becoming more common nowadays, with an ever-growing average wedding budget. In the United States, a typical wedding cost $34,000 a few years back. In 2019, however the cost sank all the way down to $28,000 (only to go even lower in 2020 ), with the average wedding budget estimated to be around $19,000.)

What takes up the biggest cost in wedding planning?

Imtazur Rahman The location is usually what costs the most. Most venues cost around $10,000 (so that’s around half your budget). If the venue offers food, drinks, tables, chairs and linens, it might cost you between $12,000-14,000.

Based on the location you decide for the wedding, you may find it more expensive or less expensive on specific dates. Also, think about the size of your guest list. The more guests you have and the larger space you need!

What other wedding expenses are worth a lookout for?

Imtazur Rahman – Other than the catering/venue Three are the most significant financial losses for newlyweds.

The Engagement Ring

  • Engagement rings are typically the symbol of a partnership and can be quite expensive. Although the cost of engagement rings can vary according to the design, stone, and the manufacturer, they will generally cost around $5,000.

Music & Entertainment

  • There’s also the reception, which is something to think about. It’s all about the entertainment you’re looking for. An example: A live band can cost about $3,000, while DJs cost around $2,200.

Videography and Photography

  • To preserve the memories of your unforgettable day, pictures and videos are essential! Professional work can cost around $2000 for the photographer and around $1,000 for the videographer.

What’s the most essential advice can you give for planning an event on a budget?

Imtazur Rahman – I believe that the biggest challenge for brides and their grooms is to establish the realistic budget. I have received clients with budgets as low as $8,000-$15,000 range from me- which is perfectly acceptable! A wedding can still be accomplished at this cost. The only question is whether or not that budget works with the expectations of the couple.

What I mean to say is, when you are planning your wedding on a strict budget, you have to be ready to ensure that your price point is in line with the type of wedding that you have in mind. It will not work to make your dream wedding happen within any budget. Trust me, it will only result in you spending more. This is why I emphasize the word “realistic.”

What are brides and grooms need to do in order to reduce the cost of their wedding?

Imtazur Rahman Make concessions whenever you can You don’t have to give up things you absolutely should have or at the very least, you shouldn’t have to. By concessions (and it could be everything!) Here’s what I mean by concessions:

  1. Adjust wedding date! To save on venue fees, consider choosing a weekday rather than Saturday.
  2. Your wedding and reception can be held in the same venue! It is cheaper to only having one venue, since venues are among the biggest expenses of hosting the wedding.
  3. Limit your guest list! Do you have any guests that you absolutely must have on your wedding day? And who are they? This is a critical point to remember. The more people you invite, it’ll force you to set aside a bigger budget. Not only for the venue, but also for the other aspects of your wedding.
  4. You are able to do your own personal favorsThis activity is very well-liked by my customers, particularly since they are often expensive.

Honestly, I can talk for hours about all the concessions that you could make to make your perfect day work with your budget. It’s all about the details! Sacrifice those things that don’t make the occasion more memorable for you!

Are you looking for last-minute advice to assist someone planning an event on a limited budget?

Imtazur Rahman Do not be scared to seek assistance! This doesn’t mean you need to consult your wedding coordinator. My family and friends also count! Invite them to join in and make it something that everyone will keep in mind. They’ll be delighted to assist you on your special day, I am sure.

Where are our readers able to locate you?

Imtazur Rahman: Well, if you’re looking for professional help in planning your wedding, I have a website that you can visit to connect with me!

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