How to Create Successful and Effective Onboarding Emails

Your marketing team ran a successful campaign, and you have visitors flooding your website, but half of them never return. Do you ever wonder why?

The internet is one big distraction, and to make matters worse, attention spans these days are only a few seconds long. So, if your website doesn’t instantly captivate your visitors, they’ll bounce off to another site and conveniently forget all about yours.

So, make sure to hook them in the first time they arrive on your website by getting their contact info in return for quality content and freebies.

Once they’ve signed up, it’s time to turn them into loyal customers.

This is where an onboarding email can come to your aid. Your onboarding email should show them how your product can improve their quality of life or how they can use it to be successful.

Email marketing is still a potent tool to attract customers. A strong onboarding email can get your subscribers deeply invested and rooted in your product. So to create a lasting impression on your visitors, you can follow a few strategies and increase your customer retention rate.

4 Ways To Write Engaging Onboarding Emails

  • Onboarding Email Template And Sequence

Email templates make a massive difference in how your customers perceive your brand image. So you need to add a standout element in your email that is unique to your brand only.

Your email should include a welcome note, an introduction to your product and how it can add value to their life, and a heads-up about the onboarding process. All of the information included in your email should be relevant to your business altogether.

The onboarding emails you send should also follow a sequence. For instance, you can start by sending a personalized confirmation email, then send them some product recommendations that match their interests. This way, the recipient will feel noticed and welcomed.

Make sure your initial emails don’t seem too salesy. Instead, they should feel warm, welcoming, and personal. Suppose you instantly start badgering the subscribers with sales emails. In that case, it will most likely create a negative impact on the recipient.

  • Captivating and Straightforward Subject Line

Your recipients are receiving hundreds of emails per day. So what will make your onboarding email stand out? The first thing that catches the eyes of your recipients is the subject line. You need to make it captivating but nothing too complex.

No matter how much effort you’ve put into designing your email, what good will it do if the recipient doesn’t open it? And when it comes to welcome emails, the open rate is already higher for them than other promotional emails.

So, you need to make sure that the subject line is compelling and clearly tells that it is an onboarding email. In addition, it would be great if the subject line was personalized to add a warm, welcoming touch to it.

  • Clear Call To Action

The best way to make your recipients do what you want them to is to tell them to use a clear call to action in your email. For example, sending an email with intricate details, a list of tasks, or an unclear call to action can put off your recipients. They will get confused and assume that the process will be time-taking. As a result, they will exit the email without performing any action.

So, when you’re planning out the template of your email, include a clear CTA. It should directly tell them what they need to do. If you want to put in an additional link, make sure it supports the CTA.

  • Avoid Sending Too Many Emails At Once

People are more inclined to open the onboarding email than promotional emails because they expect it and know its purpose. So, if you send too many emails at once, it can overwhelm them. In turn, all of your emails will end up being ignored. 

You can think of all the information that your customer will require on their first day of signing up and include all of it in one email.

  • Offer A Walkthrough

Never assume that your subscribers have done extensive research before signing up. They will likely appreciate a walkthrough of your products and services, and emails are a great way to do it right.

This walkthrough could be a video, 5-minute call, or webinar to give the user a demo of your service.  Invite them straight away in your onboarding email.


Sending out onboarding emails isn’t as simple as it seems. It is a critical part of retaining your subscribers and turning them into loyal customers. Hence, when running a SaaS or subscription business, you need to ensure that the users understand how to use your product through your email. Otherwise, they might unsubscribe soon enough and stop paying you. You must start off a relationship with new users in a productive and mutually beneficial way. So put together a robust onboarding welcome email to engage subscribers, and you are good to go.

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