6 Design Ideas for Renovating a Master Bathroom

6 Design Ideas for Renovating a Master Bathroom

Consider what you want most when renovating a master bathroom. You can make the bathroom look as pretty and be as functional as you want. Below are six ideas for your master bathroom renovation.

1. Do A Separate Tub And Shower

When you want to create the best master bathroom, think about what you want to use in there. If you love taking a good bath but you need a shower, too, then install them separately. Make room for both of them by taking down a wall and expanding the bathroom into the next bedroom or hall closet. It is worth hiring someone to make more space for both these things.

2. Use Tile In The Shower

One of the best materials to use in bathroom design is tile, and when you are getting the shower put in, you will want the tile to go all around it. Put the tile on the floor and all the way up the walls to the ceiling. Choose a color and shape of tile you like a lot so you won’t get sick of it.

3. Get Good Lighting In The Room

Whether you replace all the lights with something brighter, or you cut out a small window to let in some natural light, you will like what it does to the room. Make sure that the vanity area is nice and bright. Get pretty light fixtures and you will like how the lights look, too.

4. Bring In A Bigger Mirror

If the master bathroom you are renovating isn’t too large and there is no way to make it bigger, then you can fake it. Bring in a bigger mirror than was ever used in there and hang it up on the wall. The way it reflects the room back to you and bounces the light around will make it seem larger.

5. Use Light Colors In The Room

When you renovate a room like this, you want it to look modern, and you also want it to look fresh and clean. Use light colors everywhere from the flooring to the walls for a nice, fresh bathroom. Use light-colored cabinets and countertops so that they are very neutral and look modern, and yet will stay current because they are not too bold.

6. Make The Room As Open As Possible

When getting in there and changing things around in the bathroom, you will want to open up the room as much as possible. If there are any half walls in there, then tear them down. If there are closed cabinets that you think would look better as open shelving, then make the transformation so that the room will feel more open.

Whether you expand the bathroom a bit or just use some tricks to make it feel larger, you will love how it turns out. You will also like the details put into the room, such as the new lighting and the tile put in the shower. Make careful decisions for your master bathroom renovation so that it will please you.            

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