How to Choose a Ring Shape for Your Engagement Ring

How to Choose a Ring Shape for Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a special gift to your partner . It’s also an investment that can last for generations to come. One of the first questions you’ll need to ask yourself when choosing a type of ring is what shape it should be? Round, square, or oval? There are many things to consider when deciding on which shape would be best for your special someone. Here are five tips to put into consideration before making your decision.

1) The Size of the Ring

For many people, choosing a ring shape is something they know from their childhood. They may have grown up with either loved ones or other children in their life wearing round rings, for example. There’s nothing wrong with this way of thinking, and you might be happy to choose one that reminds you of your past experiences. However, we recommend you still take a moment to consider all the options.

This is because everyone’s preferences are different and because some shapes can be uncomfortable for your partner to wear – especially if they have sensitive skin or thicker fingers. If someone has experienced this type of problem in the past with other jewelry items such as rings, then it’s worth choosing another shape.

2) The Stone Cut

Another thing you’ll want to think about is the type of cut your engagement ring stone should be. You might not know what this means, but it’s worth taking a few moments and researching different options before making your final decision. There are three main types – round, princess, or emerald-cut, which all refer to the angles that have been used to cut the stone.

Round stones are great because they look elegant and expensive, but some prefer a different shape for their engagement ring. Princess-cut is an excellent choice if you want something with clean lines or symmetry, whereas emerald-cut diamonds can give your partner’s ring an antique feel which many find attractive.

3) The Size of the Stone

The size of the stone is another thing you’ll want to consider when choosing a ring shape. If your partner wants something flashy and noticeable, then it would be best to choose an oval or square diamond – both large stones. Rectangular diamonds, on the other hand, can look more elegant and subtle.

It’s important to remember that when choosing the size of your stone, you should always consider what type it is – as well as it’s cut. For example, a one-carat round diamond will be much bigger than an emerald-cut one cut down in size according to shape guidelines for that particular gemstone.

4) The Comfort

If your partner is always on the go, then they might want to consider choosing a ring that’s more comfortable for them. For example, if they’re typically wearing gloves or other clothing items. At the same time, at work, it would be best for them to choose an oval-shaped diamond because of its shape flexibility – meaning you can wear it with anything.

Furthermore, if your partner is constantly doing things with their hands, such as typing or playing sports, then they might want to choose a ring that’s slightly more rounded. This will help them avoid any irritation while wearing the piece daily.

5) The Engagement Ring Setting

Finally, you’ll want to consider the type of engagement ring setting before choosing your final shape. For example, if they’re looking for something romantic, then a princess-cut diamond in an antique style might be perfect, whereas if they’re more modern and contemporary, then maybe a square or oval would suit them better.

There are so many different rings to consider when choosing the best shape for your partner. Before making any final decisions, it’s worth taking a few moments to explore all the options and think about what might suit their personality or lifestyle better than anything else.

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