What Do Your Employees Have to Be Trained In?

What Do Your Employees Have to Be Trained In?

Having great employees truly is what makes a good business great. If you’ve got the right people in the right places and all your teams are running smoothly, you can just sit back and watch everything running like clockwork – however, before you do that you should make sure that everybody has had all the right training.

However intelligent your employees might be and however good at their jobs, they still need to be trained in certain things. This isn’t just for their own wellbeing and awareness, but to protect your business in the future if something were to go wrong. So what are the main training topics for employees?

  1. Health and safety

This one is top of the list because it’s probably the most important. Although a lot of health and safety regulations may seem very obvious, it’s still really important to make sure employees are aware of the rules and risks associated with their job – whether they’re working in a warehouse or an office. As well as keeping everyone safe, health and safety training is also a good opportunity to enable employees to know what to do and who to contact if an accident does occur, including who any first aiders are and what forms might need filling out.

  1. Sensitivity training

This is essentially training on discrimination laws, harassment guidelines and general codes of conduct; it’s how you teach your employees to avoid causing offence by making ignorant or insensitive comments to or about their colleagues, specifically focusing on creating an understanding of differences. This is important because it fosters a culture of learning, understanding and positivity amongst your workforce.

  1. Environmental policy

Most companies do have an environmental policy nowadays – and it’s not very much use if the employees don’t know about it. Take the opportunity to educate your workforce on any green initiatives you have put in place suhc as different typed of bin and energy saving activities or challenges. If everyone is fully in the know and involved, your green goals become a lot more achievable.

  1. HR procedure

This is the easiest one to ensure everyone understands as it can easily be presented in an email or electronic guide, but you need to make sure you employees are well informed about the proper way to deal with any problems in the workplace and how to resolved them amicably through HR.

So there you have it, if you’re looking to take your perfectly oiled workforce up a notch, then make sure they’re fully trained in these four areas.

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