4 Unique Ways to Honor Your Loved One at the Funeral

4 Unique Ways to Honor Your Loved One at the Funeral

Death is a painful and scary experience. We all dread losing our loved ones to death, but we should understand that it is an inevitable path and transition. The least we can do is create enough memories and appreciate each passing moment, as we do not know the day or hour of our departure.

But what happens when you lose your loved one to death? There are many important tasks and decisions that need to be made in a short amount of time which may be overwhelming. The grieving period is painful and confusing, but time makes things bearable. With time, you will find peace and learn to live without them.

Honoring our loved ones at their funeral is a very significant step of appreciating the life you spent with them and the time you shared. While there may be multiple ideas on honoring them after the funeral service, this post focuses on making an honorable funeral service.

Suitable and Honorable Casket

The casket says a lot about the departed. You should therefore find one that honors and suits your loved one. It would help if you considered picking one that matches their passion and hobbies. If they loved taking care of the environment, for instance, you should opt for eco-friendly options. An honorable and respectful casket is not about the cost. Design and customize one that reflects their happy and fulfilling moments of life. The casket should be something that would make them happy and proud if they were alive during the funeral.

Honor Their Wishes

Some people talk about how they wish things should be done when they are gone. You should be keen about such moments and record them somewhere to put them to reality given a chance. If your departed loved one asked to be cremated when they were alive, you should respect their wishes in death. They may also prefer who gets what of their belongings and ashes, among other things. Respecting each of their desires is a great way to honor them at the funeral service and after. If they had a specific place they wished to be buried, you should do them the last favor and honor their wishes.

Eulogize Deeply and Honestly

It is difficult and almost impossible to summarize the life of someone you have known for eternity into a few minutes. However, your eulogy is the most effective way of telling the world what the departed meant to you, the moments you shared, and the life you lived together. It is your last goodbyes to them, and you must do it regardless of the circumstances. In your eulogy, you should see the unique traits and life stories that you encountered together. You should appreciate them for how amazing they were to you.

Memorial Photo Tributes

When your loved one is gone forever, the only thing you hang onto is the memories. Pictures and videos are some of the most effective memories. Therefore, you should find a professional photographer to capture every moment of the funeral service and compile them into a DVD collection. The collection should also include pictures of the loved ones when they were alive. That way, it is not just about grief and mourning but the good times as well. With these photo tributes, you do not just remember your departed loved one but also share them with others. A photo collection is a perfect way for the late to live on silently.

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