Here’s Why Smart Marketers Use Infographics In Their Content Marketing Campaigns

Although there are different thoughts when it comes to using infographics in modern online marketing, the truth is that all experience marketers prefer them for informative content marketing campaigns. This is because of various different reasons, with some of the really important ones being presented below, according to Infographics Graphics.

Infographics Are Very Good At Telling Stories

Everyone knows the saying about how pictures are worth thousands of words. What is interesting about infographics is that they include both words and pictures. This means that we have access to two important things:

  • The possibility of dissecting complex subjects
  • The possibility of sustaining reader attention while complex subjects are dissected.

Because of this, infographics are very good in content marketing campaigns that include a storytelling element.

Increased Traffic And Brand Coverage

You can have the best message in the world and not get the results you initially imagined because you do not have the ability to share it. With infographics, sharing is so much easier. The content would be shared on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Instagram. There is actually a much higher possibility that infographics go viral than most other content forms.

The relevant and useful infographic is going to drive traffic since people share. Also, a higher ranking in search engines is possible because of the organic links that the content receives.

Extra tip: Remember that you could use HTML infographics to increase SEO results. This is an option you might want to consider.

Increased Relevance Over Time

One thing that many do not realize is that the format in which infographics are presented is naturally great for mobile users. This is very interesting because the number of people visiting websites with the use of mobile gadgets is now higher than those that use regular desktop computers.

All this practically means that infographics are now relevant and they will most likely remain relevant as they are so much more adaptable than many believe. You can easily use infographics to bring content to tablets, phones, and even future upcoming mobile devices.

Infographics are very appealing to readers and have a longer shelf life than expected. They can remain relevant and even be shared for months after the publish date. Basically, when done right, an infographic is very effective evergreen content that is perfect for long-term content marketing campaigns.

A Great Way To Offer Stories

Speaking about storytelling, infographics present data in a way that is very easy to digest. Humans are visual creatures. Most of the information our brain receives is visual. This is important because visual information is thousands of times faster to process than text. It is the reason why we are much more likely to read and memorize what is present inside an infographic than inside a long piece of content.

Remember that people see only around 20% of text present on web pages during their visits (averages). With infographics, it is very easy to skim or scan content. This allows the visitor to quickly decide what he/she wants to read more about and content sections to focus on.

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