2021 Travel Marketing Human-Centric Online Strategies You Should Use

After a 2020 that has destroyed the travel industry because of the pandemic, 2021 is when agencies and everyone involved need to recover. But this is much easier said than done. The industry is affected and has to be proactive this year.

Fortunately, thanks to the pandemic no longer being a huge problem, the travel industry is picking up steam. As a result, we expect the following strategies to be very useful for everyone involved, from the international travel agency to the local travel blog. They are particularly effective as they are human-centric, which is very important these days.

Focus On Safety And Health

People want to travel but they want to feel safe. Social distancing guidelines still exist and various restrictions will keep impacting everything. This is why the industry needs to focus on making travelers feel safe.

Think about how you can help travelers feel safe. See if you can give that extra bit of information that convinces someone to visit a destination. Over 50% of consumers will actively use mobile devices so use them to push the important health news.

Focus On Unique Local Experiences

The days when people mostly wanted to visit the big attractions are gone. Nowadays, people look for unique experiences. Nothing can be more unique than being in touch with local culture and small establishments.

Try to include the local community members in the experiences you offer to visitors. Also, try to facilitate social media conversations so that travelers and locals can meet to share experiences and messages.

Increased Use Of Data

Travel companies have to be a lot better at using and understanding the data they have access to when they draft their marketing strategies. Hospitality companies and DMOs give you access to numerous data points. It is up to you to take full advantage of that.

Data collaboration will be very important in 2021. So, make sure to set up partnerships that leverage data for better services.

Focus On Rebuilding Trust

2 in 3 consumers now use digital or online services when they plan travel. This means that the travel industry needs to make it a lot easier to book on the internet and even perform rare tasks, like getting refunds. And everything should be offered through very easy to use interfaces.

Remember that people want to book in advance. To take advantage of this, focus on technologies that increase usability for every single platform that is used during the booking process. This is important for everything from booking accommodations to booking plane tickets.

Focus On Sustainability

Sustainability is not new in tourism. It was very big before the pandemic hit and now that health topics slow down, it is back in the conversation. The travel industry basically needs to implement strategies and actions that increase sustainability efforts.

Travel agencies that offer sustainable travel will be very popular. For instance, you can always create an app or a website that gives travelers information about when to travel, hidden destinations, and other things that would prevent the appearance of over-tourism.

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