Things To Consider When Buying An SUV In 2021

If you want to buy a new SUV in 2021, you should not take the same approach you would have taken a few years ago. This is because we now have access to much better technology. Modern SUVs include countless new additions that you want to be aware of. With this in mind, this year, if you want to buy a great SUV, make sure you consider the following features.

Electric SUVs

Electric SUVs are quickly becoming the norm, especially when considering those that are often used, like family SUVs. Fully-electric is preferred but this is not feasible in many locations. With this in mind, it is a good idea to consider the hybrid vehicles. They use both electric motors and gasoline engine motors. You still end up consuming less gas, which is the point in the first place.

With fully electric vehicles, the gasoline engine is completely removed. The big trade-off in this case is that it will take longer to fuel the vehicle and range will be limited.

Car Apps And Connectivity

With connectivity, you can access real-time traffic updates, navigation, local search, and a whole lot more. Automakers now aggressively add connectivity and various in-dash applications. Three options are actually available:

  • Tethered
  • Embedded
  • Hybrid

With embedded connectivity, a modem is included in the car and can connect to cloud servers. With tethered systems, connectivity is leveraged from a portable device, which is synced to the infotainment system. With the hybrid model, the two systems are combined. Usually, the tethered approach is preferred.


Initially, Bluetooth technology was meant to help with smartphone hands-free usage. Right now, it evolved into different options, including streaming audio files from portable devices. It can connect the infotainment system of your car to smartphone apps. However, there might still be some problems when referring to connectivity.

Navigation Systems

Nowadays, when we drive, we need to know where we go. This is why in-dash car navigation systems are so popular. Paper maps basically become obsolete since you have the entire world road map in the palm of your hands. Nav systems are much better with the use of cloud connectivity. This allows real-time information about traffic, local search, and portable device compatibility.

What is important is to say that we all have access to advanced GPS systems thanks to our smartphones. This is why tethered connections stand out as being very helpful. With systems like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the map system of your phone can be used on the navigation system’s dashboard screen.

Safety Features

Last but not least, this is actually the very first thing you need to look at when you buy a car in 2021. There are numerous driver-assist systems included in modern vehicles. This includes different combinations of sensors and cameras, together with specific safety features that will help you to stay safe on the road.

Based on driver assists present on the vehicle, you can receive alerts when hazards are close and there are systems that will start to control the car instead of you whenever needed. Look at the lists of all safety features included and you will buy much better cars.

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