Easy Ways to Increase Your IG Follower Count

Many new IG users believe they will quickly gain followers as soon as they create their accounts. They feel convinced that a few random pictures or posts can get them desirable attention and make them most chase-worthy. While some effective strategies do exist, many things also depend on what you do and how. It is more relevant when you aim for monetary benefits through Instagram. So, if you know why you want to be on this channel, you will go by tested techniques to build a strong foundation and leverage it. Here is a quick brief on them.


You would want to focus on a category or two to engage your would-be followers. It can be pets, architecture, beauty, yoga, or anything. But having a single focus helps in establishing consistency and value proposition. Just make sure most of your theme posts go out with captivating captions. So, essentially, define your niche well from the beginning.

Professional account

It doesn’t cost anything to switch to a professional account on the platform. On the contrary, it opens the gate for you to metrics. You can check hashtags that got maximum impressions, posts that won the most shares and followers. It hints at the need to do more of that type of content.

Consistent post timing

Being an active user can prove rewarding for you. But it is necessary to know when your followers will be available. You can sync up your posts with them to get noticed. For this, you can again go back to analytics to figure out when something usually gets more engagement. That insight can help you carve your way forward. Of course, there may not be enough followers on your account initially. But there is a way to address this. For example, you can buy 20 Instagram followers. Engage with them and other existing followers to create a passage for organic growth. 


It needs to be catchy but not verbose. Also, add call-to-action to arouse engagement. One of the tricks that always work in this context is asking a question, which can be as personal but straightforward as “what is your favorite pizza moment?” The more engagement you generate through this, the more you increase the chances of attracting would-be followers. 


It is easy to say yes than follow this strategy. You know the value of acknowledgment. Still, you cannot be prompt on this front, especially when bulk comments enter. But it is not a good practice. Even when your follower base becomes massive, you can try to pick and respond. Your followers or fans will wait for this and feel connected. 


Do you know self-portraits can earn you many likes? While you may not be a selfie person, you can find a way to utilize this technique. For example, you can choose an aesthetic background with a powerful presence and pose on one side of it. The focus will be on the other element, but you will still get that selfie advantage.

Like these, there is an entire treasury of tricks and tools you can apply to get ahead in your IG game and establish your social media identity.

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