Smart Tips for Women to Select and Wear Their Straw Fedora Hats

Hats have always been a part of a woman’s attire! About a century ago, a woman who was style-conscious or had status wouldn’t step out without their hat. One of the hats that is a favorite for most women is the straw fedora hat! Here we will discuss the guidelines to select the best fedora hat and how to sport the same. There are other accessories than a hat that a woman owns. But still a straw fedora hat is something that most women have a special place for in their wardrobe. 

Recently, these lightweight hats have changed and become more fashionable to cater to the needs of women. They have ribbons, braided bands and even silk to give a stylish look. Also, women can select from a wide range of colors that are available as well. Check out american hat company for more information.

How to choose the best straw fedora hat?

Discussed below are some of the tips for selecting the best straw fedora hat that women want. 

  • Hat size

You need to know your hat size before shopping. It will take a few seconds to measure the hat size and check with a hat size chart. 

  • The style

You need to determine the straw fedora hat style that you want! Do you prefer something fancy or casual? You have several hats that cater to every occasion. Hence, you need to think about what you want to sport and where. The fancy hats have fur and the casual hats have leather straps. 

  • The shape

Whether it is the dent or bash, there are various types to choose from. The hats are also available today in multiple brim sizes and side dents. You need to check your face shape as well. There are certain fedora hats that complement specific face shapes. For example, a square shaped face will appear perfect with a center dent. On the other hand, the medium brim straw fedoras come with pinched fronts and are perfect for a heart-shaped face. 

  • Colors and accents

Every woman should consider the attire they will wear with their straw fedoras. For example, a black fedora will go with any attire color. Also, it’s essential for women to think about how a certain set of outfits will complement the fedora shade. The hat shouldn’t outshine the attire and vice versa. There needs to be a perfect balance. And for the best options in straw fedoras, you can check out Americanhatmakers.

You need to check that the hat shouldn’t fall from the head or be extremely tight. Rather, the hat should sit comfortably on your head, so that you can move about freely. 

How can women wear a fedora hat?

There are several ways in which women can sport their fedora hats! Discussed below are a few guidelines that can help:

  • Fit

If you have a big head then a big hat will look good on you! It’s essential to ensure that your hat fits you comfortably before you buy one. If your straw fedora falls from your head or is tight, then wearing it will be difficult. 

  • Analyze the style

There are few fedoras that come with wide bands and a bit of decoration. You need to choose something depending on your style and choose the one that complements it. 

  • Sport on various occasions

When you wear a straw fedora hat you look classy and stylish. Hence, it is a good decision for wearing it on various occasions like fancy parties, dance programs and weddings. 

  • Pair it with jeans

There are several outfits with which you can wear a straw fedora! If you want you can pair it up with your casual jeans, summer tops and also add a blazer to it. That is not all. If you want you can add a pair of nice shoes and even sport your tight-fitting sweater with the fedora. You can either be out with your friends or be at a formal dinner party.  

The straw fedoras are available in multiple styles and there is something for every woman. The straw fedora hats have a great demand today. Hence, if you want to sport this hat you need to decide on the dresses and attires that complement it. Today, there are several hat makers that have come up with attractive options that you can shop both offline and online. However, today most women are choosing to buy their best straw fedora hats online.

There are multiple advantages available! The best online hat retailers can provide you with several brands and their products. It means you can sit in your living room and can shop for the best fedora hats from different online retailers. These stores have different means through which women can reach out to the online retailers and place an order for their best hats. 

Hence, once you know the type of straw fedora hat that you want to buy, you can browse online and choose the best service provider. So, don’t delay and get your best fedora today. 

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