Reasons to Fall in Love With St Louis

For my colleague John Eilermann St Louis, Missouri was the place he loved most, the place where he grew up and would frequently go back to. John used to always tell us why this city was so amazing and how if we happened to go there for vacations that we’d be blown away. The truth is that I had never even been to Missouri, let alone St Louis, and I didn’t really have much interest in going. Earlier last year however, before the pandemic hit, my wife had a conference in S Louis, so I decided to tag along for the ride.

I quickly learned that John was absolutely right in what he was saying about St Louis, and here is why I think people will love it there.

Friendliness Abounds

It may sound slightly corny but the reality is that I have never met nicer people than I did in St Louis. Everyone was ready to give me recommendations as to where to go, where to eat the best food and where to enjoy a walk. I had people being overly kind to me in the street, letting me on busses first and all kinds of chivalry which is clearly a mark of the folks here.

Food and Barbecue

There is currently a really cool foodie scene here in St Louis and you can get some delicious food at great prices. It isn’t just the food markets and high restaurants which you’ll love here however, this is a place where the BBQ doesn’t get any better. This city is actually the number one barbecue sauce consumer in the entire nation, a statistic which the people here really do wear with pride.

Cultural Footprint

I had no idea what to expect by way of culture in the city, but I quickly learned that St Louis is very rich with beautiful places to visit. From the Cathedral Basilica of St Louis to the South Grand’s international district, there is just so much here to explore. Modern art installations in the parks, ancient and perfectly persevered buildings, you could easily get lost in culture for days in this city.

Best By Night

I know that all big cities look great at nighttime, but there is just something very different about the St Louis cityscape when the night falls. The city has invested very well in the way that the city lights up, including how the strictures and the art installations are lit, playing with the light and the dark to showcase all of its glory.

Spacious and Calm

Whilst this is very much a big city, it feels so spacious and so calming that you really wouldn’t know it. The best way I can describe this is that it feels like a city of 10 million, living in a space designed for 15 million.

John had been right all along, this is a gorgeous city to spend your time in, and I would recommend it to everyone.

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