4 Reasons Why Your Online Efforts are Overdue for a Full SEO Assessment

You and your business are no strangers when it comes to being found online. In fact, you were one of the early adopters of business websites, blogs, and other approaches. While that’s great, are you sure that your online efforts are providing the best results. The only way to know for sure is to contact a Toronto SEO agency that delivers results and ask for a full SEO assessment. Here are a few reasons why this is something that needs to be done now rather than later. 

You’ve Never Had an Assessment

One of the best reasons to request an assessment is because you’ve never had one. Up to now, you’ve make use of free online tools to come up with keywords, figure out how to design the pages, and identify ways to make your ads more effective. They’ve worked well, although they don’t seem to do as much as they did a few years ago. That means it’s time to bring in some help. 

An assessment will involve looking at what you have in place right now. The expert identifies what’s providing positive results and what’s not working in your favour. That lays the groundwork for building on the positive and finding ways to minimize the impact of any negative elements currently found in the mix. 

There are Online Elements Outside Your Scope of Experience

If you’re honest with yourself, there are online elements you’ve never touched. It tracks back to the fact that you don’t know how to use them effectively. Rather than allow the to remain a mystery, it never hurts to work with a professional who can enlighten you and possibly trigger enthusiasm about putting those resources to good use. 

For example, you may not know a great deal about Google My Business. Given the way that search engines work today and the fact that much of your clientele is found within a limited geographic area, this is a tool that you definitely should be using. As part of the assessment, you’ll get an idea of what GMB can do for you. 

You’re Unsure of How to Use Social Media to Grow the Business

Social media is another resource that could stand closer scrutiny, You have set up accounts on the most popular sites and occasionally post something there. The accounts have garnered some attention, but are you getting the most benefit from them? An assessment will tell you if that’s so. 

A professional can take a look at what you’ve done with those social media accounts and come up with suggestions on how to enjoy greater outreach and advantages. Schedules posts may be one solution. Using links to redirect traffic to your blog or website is another. The professional may even recommend adding another site to the mix, based on the customer demographic you’re targeting. What emerges is a comprehensive plan for making social media work for you. 

You’re Not Sure What the Major Search Engines are Up to These Days

If there’s any one thing that’s constant about search engines, it’s the fact that they change on a regular basis. Many of the changes are subtle and may take some time to impact your traffic, according to Mike Zhmudikov, head of SEO at Seologist. That doesn’t mean you can afford to wait until they’re made and then adjust your efforts. The business owner who benefits from the changes is the one who prepares for them in advance. 

The assessment does more than allow you to catch up to the latest changes. It can also help you position your online presence to meet the next big thing that’s going to happen to algorithms or other changes. Think of what that will do in terms of providing an edge over the competition. 

The bottom line is that you can benefit greatly from a full assessment by an SEO expert. Call today and set it up. You’ll be glad that you did. 

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