Eliminating Toxic Friends From Your Life As A Recovering Addict

If you are a drug addict, you can make a conscious decision to stay away from all your “friend,” especially those who are also drug addicts. There is no other way you can stay off drugs for long if you are still associated with addicts. Most self-help literatures indicate that there is a great principle for you to become the type of person by the class of individuals with whom you spend your time the most. Therefore, if you want to become a healthy, balanced and satisfied individual, those are the kind of people you predominantly need to spend your time with.

Close Friends

Getting rid of your “close friends” may seem like the hardest thing in the world. However, it is what you need to do to feel safe from relapsing. This is what you should decide to do if you want to stay sober. Actually, it is more difficult to do this with colleagues who use drugs, as well as with good friends. However, when it comes to alcohol, most of the people you meet to drink alcohol on a purely social basis. You will clearly need to stay away from old alcoholics and close friends who drink heavily. Otherwise, you just have to be reasonable and select very carefully where you go and who you associate with. True friends, even if they are social drinkers, will take care of you and also respect that you don’t drink. Try to go out with people you can rely on to check you, if your drinking gets out of hand, and reject those people or places that encourage you to drink again.

The Same Places

For those places that you used to go to drink, you have to stay away. First of all, because many of the individuals who go there will be the same ones you should choose to stay away from, as well as the fact that at those places, you will relive all your memories of alcohol abuse. Of course, you don’t want all those old memories to kick in because you will be associating yourself with just the wrong emotions and this will create the urge to obtain or use drugs or alcohol, which will completely mess up your healing or rehab program.

Mentor and Support System

Having a mentor and support system is a very important rule of thumb for alcohol addiction recovery. How this rule works fits in with the partnership principle, as it will certainly mean that you are spending time with the right people. The most reliable dependency healing support system for you to join would be AA or a residential treatment program. If you attend meetings consistently, you will experience tremendous growth very quickly. If you are really committed, you will try to do about 90 meetings in 90 days after completing your therapy.


Your connection to yourself will certainly change as you will begin to value yourself much more, and you will no longer want to ruin your life with alcohol or drugs. It is challenging to provide the precise reasons why support systems, rehab treatment, and mentorship work. You should only hang out with people who are going through the same things as you, who you can hang out with, as well as the people with who you really feel comfortable. If you want to find out more about this subject, click here.

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